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Why Water Purification Is So Important in Foodservice

By Pro-Pacific / Aug 29, 2017

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Water filtration is an often-overlooked aspect of foodservice equipment. The reality is, however, it shouldn’t be. With our new line, OptiPure, you no longer need to overlook water filtration in your commercial kitchen. Here are some reasons why water filtration is so important to foodservice.

Unfiltered or improperly filtered water can have negative effects on every aspect of your foodservice operation.

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One of the most obvious things affected by the lack of proper water filtration is ice. Whether it’s being used in beverages in Portland or in a famous seafood display in Seattle, ice needs to be properly purified. Factors such as chlorine, sediments, and hardness minerals can cause an unpleasant appearance and taste in your ice. These particles and chemicals from unfiltered water can also build up in your ice machines, causing several maintenance issues.

Did you know that 70% of ice machine service calls are due to water-related problems?

There are other pieces of commercial foodservice equipment that can be more affected by water than you might think.


What about combi-ovens and steamers? Both pieces of equipment cook with steam, which is 100% water. Although chlorine and chloramines are added to water to protect us from water-borne illnesses, they can cause corrosion in cooking equipment. Hard scale that forms from compounds of magnesium carbonate and calcium can also build up in your equipment. 


Specialty coffee is one of the fasting growing markets in the United States. Coffee is roughly 98% water, which is why it is especially important to use pure, filtered water when creating a quality cup o' joe. Avid coffee drinkers will be able to taste the difference when a cup of coffee is made with unfiltered water.


Whether you're using a combi-oven or a coffee maker, it's important to have properly purified water. To determine which type of water filtration system from OptiPure is right for you foodservice operation, check out the OptiPure eBook Library.

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