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Why Vitamix is Essential in Healthcare Foodservice

By Pro-Pacific / Mar 25, 2020

Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do with a Vitamix- Healthcare Edition

In the healthcare industry, providing nutritious meals for patients is of utmost importance. Studies show that the food served in hospitals and senior care facilities is one of the major influences on overall satisfaction in a patient's or guest's stay. Adequate meal consumption that meets dietary requirements is necessary and important to aid in recovery and quality of life.

In an effort to keep patients satisfied with meal service, many hospitals have moved toward a room service style approach. Patients are allowed to select what they want to eat from a menu of items just like in a restaurant. This results in higher food consumption, better recovery rates, and a lower percentage of food waste.

Vitamix® can help with this type of service.

vitamix senior care

Feeding hundreds or thousands of people with varying dietary requirements several times a day every day of the year is a balancing act, to say the least. Vitamix® offers a comprehensive line of products designed to meet the needs of healthcare facilities no matter the size. From dining services to snack bars to wellness education programs, Vitamix® can handle the job quickly.

Performing at least 12 different culinary techniques, a single machine aids in the creation of healthy and satisfying dishes that comply with the requirements of every guest. With the reliability and power to support even the toughest kitchen environments, Vitamix® commercial blenders can assist in the preparation of everything from heart-healthy soups to protein shakes to sugar-free frozen desserts and more.

Benefits of Using Vitamix® in a Hospital or Senior Care Community

vitamix healthcare

No industrial-sized kitchen should be without Vitamix® products. They are especially beneficial in healthcare. Here are a few benefits you probably hadn't considered.

1. Helps With Patient Satisfaction

Patients feel like everything is out of their hands when they are confined to a hospital. Food selection is one area where they seek to regain that sense of control. The vitality of patients' lives is highly improved when they can make their own choices. When a facility employs the use of Vitamix®, more diversified and satisfying meals become the norm. 

2. Perfect for Restricted Diets

It is crucial that food service directors are able to provide patients with desired foods to ensure successful treatment. Vitamix® can help when dietary restrictions prevent the consumption of solid foods. Gone are the days of a patient having to settle for a boring beef broth just because a liquid diet is necessary. Vitamix® is the blender of choice for hot soups and puréed foods. 

3. Reduced Meal Assembly Time

When facility kitchens have to use convenience foods because of time constrictions, there are limited food choices for modified diets. This creates unhealthy difficulties in accommodating patients' needs. Vitamix® is ideal for chopping proteins, puréeing vegetables, and whipping nut butters quickly. Patients benefit by having access to more nutritional options.

In healthcare food service, your reputation is consistently on the line. Contact Pro-Pacific for help in getting set-up with the Vitamix® commercial blenders that are right for your operation. With 150 years of combined experience in foodservice equipment, we will give you all the information you need to make an educated decision before you purchase.

Request a demonstration of Vitamix® or any of our other products at our fully outfitted Culinary Resource Center in Kirkland, Washington. We can even provide a virtual experience with our own Chef Wade.

Pro-Pacific Chef Wade Harris

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