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Why Cook and Hold Technology Can Help Solve Staffing Challenges

By Pro-Pacific / Jun 11, 2019

Why Cook and Hold Technology Can Help Solve Staffing Challenges

If you ask any chef, restaurant manager, school nutrition director, or pretty much any other type of foodservice operator what his or her biggest challenge is today, the answer that will most likely come back is labor and staffing.

From rising wages to employment options in alternative industries, there are a whole range of factors contributing to our current labor shortage. The good news, though, is we also have some back-of-the-house technologies that can help combat some of the staffing challenges. One of those assets is cook and hold ovens.

On the surface, cook and hold is a technology allowing operators to cook food evenly and gently, improving food quality while simultaneously reducing the amount of food shrinkage. Ultimately, this means happier customers, higher yields, and enhanced profit margins, but did you know cook and hold ovens from Alto-Shaam can also help with labor and staffing? Essentially, that can add to the repertoire of Pacific Northwest commercial kitchens with little to no extra labor required.

Consider the Alto-Shaam TH/III series of cook and hold ovens. Once they're programmed, the process of probing, pressing the appropriate item, and hitting play couldn't be easier. Here are some labor-saving benefits of the cook and hold:


Sometimes dishes require a little extra time to pull them off successfully. Menu items like braised short ribs, lamb shanks, or pulled pork can be cooked overnight in an Alto-Shaam cook and hold oven without any additional oversight from staff. Grow your menu without the need to grow your team.

pro pacific alto shaam cook and hold


With cook and hold technology, there's little to no extra labor required to operate the ovens. In fact, running a cook and hold oven for a full 24-hour period costs less than a dollar per day. The only thing required is to push "play" and go! Even better, you can cook a full range of menu items with cook and hold technology from Alto-Shaam.


With cook and hold ovens from Alto-Shaam, operators can experience better food quality and higher yields with Halo Heat® technology. Unlike traditional heated holding or low temperature cooking technologies, temperatures created by Halo Heat technology don’t fluctuate to extremes. This gentle, radiant heat evenly surrounds food without the use of extremely hot elements, added humidity or fans.

Don't take our word for it, though. Charlie the Butcher is one of the most respected meat carvers in the country, and here's what he has to say about Halo Heat from Alto-Shaam:


Cook and hold ovens are easy to use. To save on labor costs, just start the cooking process the night before, and foods will be cooked to perfection, waiting to be served the very next day. Even better, ovens are easy to clean, and as we mentioned, are completely programmable to store frequently-used settings that will help get any employee up to speed quickly.

Would you like to learn more about the benefits of Alto-Shaam cook and hold technology? Check out the complete cook and hold brochure, or calculate how much additional profits you can realize by using the Alto-Shaam Yield Calculator.

Alto-Shaam Yield Calculator

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