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What's New with Alto-Shaam in 2020?

By Pro-Pacific / Jan 16, 2020

Whats New with Alto-Shaam in 2020

Year after year, our friends at Alto-Shaam keep coming up with food prep, cooking, and holding equipment that truly revolutionizes the way chefs approach their work. When it comes to the latest innovations, here are a few things you can expect.

The Latest in Vector Structured Air Technology

The Alto-Shaam Vector Oven continues to be one of the leading, most innovative pieces of equipment in all of foodservice. Yes, they're ovens, but the reality is the Vector oven and its Structured Air Technology is really in a cook category all by itself by delivering high-velocity airflow in both an upward and downward fashion.

What does this mean for operators? Each cooking chamber has its own ecosystem, allowing operators to do more with less -- at the same time. With the unique Structured Air Technology airflow, curtains of air also help eliminate heat loss when oven doors are open. It seems like only yesterday that we were rolling out the Vector to our friends here in the Pacific Northwest, but now, we're going from the classic Vector to a new redesigned look!

Alto-Shaam Vector Oven Comparison Chart

What should you look for specifically? How about sleek, rounded corners; controls that come in both simple and deluxe options; and even the ability to incorporate custom colors for some of your more visible, front-of-house applications.

[Additional Reading: Discover a line-by-line breakdown of the new, redesigned Vector in this comprehensive comparison chart.]

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A New Way to Calculate Cook and Hold Savings with Halo Heat

If you haven't already said goodbye to dried out, overcooked food and protein shrinkage, make it a resolution to do so in 2020. Better food quality is just an oven away with Alto-Shaam's Halo Heat technology that gently holds foods at temperature with all-encompassing, radiant heat.

Whether holding food for service or for merchandising purposes, Halo Heat differs from traditional holding and low-heat cooking methods by implementing a single, important factor -- precision. The result is food that is full of moisture and flavor, with yields that will also pad the bottom line.

Why Halo Heat? There are many reasons: Even heat distribution throughout the holding cavity. No fans or harsh heating elements. And no water is needed. But the real reason is in the numbers. And even better, there's a new, updated version of the yield savings calculator.

alto-shaam cook and hold savings

If you scroll down on recently revamped Alto-Shaam cook and hold page, you'll see the latest version of the Halo Heat Savings Calculator. This handy tool allows operators to calculate an accurate savings on different types of proteins using Halo Heat and the Alto-Shaam cook and hold system. For example, with a 20-pound prime rib that runs $17 per pound, an operator will save 20 percent on product yield, translating to $476 per week or more than $24 thousand per year.

[Additional Reading: Check out the new Halo Heat Savings Calculator on the Alto-Shaam cook and hold webpage]

For more in-depth analysis on how much protein yield you can save, you can always talk with an expert here at Pro-Pacific. Even better, attend a Taste of Alto-Shaam event in person, and you'll be able to see (and taste) for yourself.

taste of alto shaam

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