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What’s New at T&S Brass?

By Pro-Pacific / Apr 17, 2019

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If you think of the daily gestures of cooking, storing, washing, and cleaning, foodservice operations are not that different from normal households, with one difference. In foodservice, those daily gestures are repeated hundreds or even thousands of times every day.

With high volumes, small improvements can have great impact.

DuraPull and Low Flow Hydro-Generators, two new lines of products that T&S Brass presented at this year’s NAFEM Show in Orlando, were built and designed with this awareness in mind.

Introducing DuraPull

Introducing DuraPull

DuraPull is a pre-rinse unit where operators can switch water flow on and off with a simple pull-down mechanism (no spray handle), with less stress and fatigue at the end of the shift. Thanks to its brand-new design, DuraPull also makes it easy to conserve water, as it eliminates the hold-down ring and adds an automatic shut-off function. The line comes with a seven-year warranty and is available in 28 different configurations for any type of installation.

Introducing Low Flow Hydro-Generators

Introducing Low Flow Hydro-Generators

Since they were introduced in airport lavatories in the late 80s, automatic faucets have helped the hospitality and foodservice industries save millions of gallons of water. T&S Brass line of automatic faucets already features highly customizable settings. The EC-HYDROGEN-LF also saves energy, not just water, thanks to a low-flow hydrogenator that generates and stores the power for the proximity sensor, eliminating the need for batteries or hardwire.


If you would like to know more about DuraPull or Low Flow Hydro-Generators, get in touch with Pro-Pacific to set up a personal demonstration of these new solutions.Pro-Pacific Equipment Consultation

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