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What Can You Cook in a Ventless Commercial Kitchen?

By Pro-Pacific / Feb 26, 2020

What Can You Cook in a Ventless Commercial Kitchen? 

Increasing or adding foodservice capabilities can be a very profitable investment. Whether it's expanding the capacities of your existing kitchen, adding new foodservice to an established business, or transforming an unconventional space, there are several things you must consider.

Today's foodservice industry is more complex and competitive than ever, with many possibilities to utilize new cooking technology to increase profits. Creating a new kitchen space requires careful evaluation of the available space, the cost of equipment and installation, as well as choosing the right equipment to meet your menu offerings.

VENTLESS INFOGRAPHFor many business owners, ventless technology has created new opportunities to expand menu offerings and cooking capabilities without being concerned with the available space under their existing hood.

Ventless cooking technology enables operators to establish thriving foodservice operations in traditional places such as restaurants and coffee shops, as well as in non-traditional spaces, such as remote locations or buildings that do not have a conventional hood vent. Ventless and hoodless units can be installed anywhere, enabling any operator to serve a full menu in spaces that are not intended or designed for foodservice.

Commercial kitchens have gotten smaller, and a current trend is for many established restaurants to move part of their operations to the front of the house. Restaurant designers, architects, and operators have discovered that ventless commercial kitchen equipment is cost-effective and enables a kitchen to be designed and built nearly anywhere without limiting the menu options.

Ventless kitchen options allow any operator to utilize smaller spaces, front-of-house applications, and bar space, as well as enter new markets such as convenience stores, lobby kiosks, catering and banquet services, and demonstration cooking exhibits. Traditional kitchen equipment requires air hoods and ventilation systems, which are expensive to purchase, install, and maintain.

Ventless cooking equipment is safe and easy to operate, and most units simply need to be plugged into an electrical outlet to be put into service. Ventless and hoodless equipment enable you to serve any menu item, including chicken tenders, French fries, pizzas, mozzarella sticks, and other appetizers without the need for a full kitchen.

The assortment of ventless equipment options on the market today can accommodate all types of foodservice operations, offering an extensive menu of fresh-made items, well beyond just warm sandwiches and microwaved fare. Ventless commercial kitchen equipment is available that will allow you to fry, bake, steam, broil, toast, and slow cook anywhere, enabling you to serve a vast array of menu items.

Ventless commercial kitchen options make what was impossible, possible. Poorly utilized spaces and spaces that were once unusable can quickly and easily become useful sources of profits. Thanks to ventless cooking equipment, a kitchen can be placed anywhere and generate income almost immediately. Bars and other establishments with an already captive audience can capitalize and increase profits while providing a welcome service for their patrons. Stadiums, sports facilities, flea markets, and nearly any establishment is now able to establish foodservice where it would never be possible to install a traditional hood vent.

One of the most significant advantages of ventless commercial kitchens and restaurants is cooking versatility. From cooking frozen appetizers to baking fresh dough pizzas, ventless commercial kitchens are suitable for any application and just about any type of foodservice operation. Ventless commercial kitchens allow operators to offer everything from casual fare and fast food to the most exotic cuisine in the most unique non-traditional spaces.

When it comes to ventless cooking, flexibility is the name of the game, and Pro-Pacific offers a wide range of ventless commercial kitchen equipment designed to meet the needs of any operator. The team at Pro-Pacific has over 150 years of combined experience in the foodservice equipment industry and the expertise to guide you in choosing the best equipment for your project.

Schedule some time with us today to see what you can produce out of your ventless kitchen.

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