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What Bar and Beverage Trends Mean for Operators

By Pro-Pacific / Jun 20, 2017

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Recent reports from the U.S Department of Labor expect the number of bartenders to grow by 10 percent from 2014 to 2024. At the same time, despite a slow in rate, the craft beer movement is continuing to grow according to a Brewer's Association report at the recent Craft Brewer's Conference. These trends mean operators need to be prepared behind the bar, specifically as they relate to beer and keg systems.

Consider these statistics from last year:

* Craft beer sales increased by 6.2%

* Craft beer share was 12.3%

* Craft beer had 10% dollar sales growth within the overall $107.6 billion market

A keg system, because it delivers so much profit to food and beverage operations across Washington, Oregon, and the entire Pacific Northwest, can be the delivery mechanism for a majority share of profits.

Whether an operation is considering a massive tap wall with 20 or more handles or just looking to provide a full range of bottles and cans, finding the right equipment and refrigeration to make that happen is paramount.

Here are some bar and beer delivery systems from Norlake:



The bottom line is beer and keg delivery systems are important, and there are a wide range of option. For a personal look at which system will make your operation more profitable, schedule a free equipment assessment with us.

We really are experts in beer delivery because we do this stuff ourselves. Our own Chef Wade Harris makes his own beer in the Pro-Pacific test kitchen, and we'd love to show you how some of our equipment optimizes the entire beer experience.

Check out how we make beer at Pro-Pacific in this fun video with Chef Wade.

beer brewing with Wade Harris

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