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What are Pro-Pacific's Favorite Thanksgiving Dishes?

By Pro-Pacific / Nov 19, 2019

Pro-Pacific Thanksgiving Collage

Here at Pro-Pacific, we're thankful for the opportunity to spend each day helping our customers in the foodservice industry with challenges ranging from equipment solutions to menu creation all across the Pacific Northwest.

And while there are certainly no days off in foodservice, we do make sure to enjoy one of our favorite holidays - Thanksgiving. After all, it's the only holiday where the food (and the people who make it) gets the spotlight!

Everyone has a favorite Thanksgiving dish, memory, or recipe, so we decided to ask around our offices and see what the Pro-Pacific team had to say. Chef Wade even shared his favorite recipe for you to make for your own Thanksgiving meal this year, so be sure to give it a try!

thanksgiving green bean casserole

Robin Oury

"My favorite Thanksgiving dish is green been casserole. The crispy fried onions are the best!"

Carmen Chamberlin

"I love green bean casserole! Why? What's not to love! Green beans? Good! Cream of mushroom soup? Good! French fried onions? Good! My favorite memory was having Thanksgiving with my cousins as a kid, with lots of black olive fingers and sparkling apple cider."

Bill Rummerfield

"I have to have green bean casserole every Thanksgiving. This is the only thing that I am allowed to cook that day! And it has to be the original recipe off the soup can, I don’t like it to be fancied up! I usually end up making a huge batch that last us an entire week! My favorite Thanksgiving memory is going with my family to Sunriver as a child. My parents would always rent a house for the week and we would spend the holiday in Sunriver, most always with fresh snow on the ground."

thanksgiving stuffing

Mary Cowles

"I love stuffing and scalloped potatoes. My best memories were when the family was all together at my grandma’s house in Bothell."

Ryan Chamberlin

"I like stuffing, mashed potatoes, and gravy. Why? Because it's all so good!"

June Vellat

"My favorite Thanksgiving side dish is my mom’s famous sweet clover rolls that she would make every year. One Thanksgiving we forgot them warming in the oven and they were burnt to a crisp! Our holiday meal wasn’t the same without them. We were all upset, especially my mom, because it was quite a process to make them!"

Chef Wade Harris

"My favorite dish is my famous Wild Mushroom Bread Pudding with a side of Rye Whiskey. Why? 'Cause it’s the bomb!"

Happy Thanksgiving from the entire Pro-Pacific team!

BONUS: As a special thank you for reading, we invite you to download the recipe to Chef Wade's Wild Mushroom Bread Pudding and add it to your Thanksgiving menu this year! 

chef wade recipe


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