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Introducing the Versatility of Univex Foodservice Equipment

By Pro-Pacific / Oct 02, 2019

introducing univex

We know the landscape of foodservice can change quickly. In many ways, that's why we're in the industry -- who wants everything to stay the same? Because of this, Pro-Pacific is proud to provide the greater Pacific Northwest region, including Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Idaho, and Montana, with foodservice equipment, solutions, and training.

To ensure we are able to meet the needs of all our customers, we are constantly evaluating and growing our equipment portfolio by representing new manufacturers. Today, we are excited to tell you more about one of our most recent additions – Univex Corporation.


Versatile Collection of Solutions

Univex was founded in 1948 and has grown into a leading manufacturer of baking and deli equipment. The products in the Univex portfolio are known for rugged engineering that keeps them running for decades. This durability combined with great value, innovation, and a focus on safety make Univex products a great fit for any kitchen.

Read on to learn more about the high quality products included in the Univex product catalog.

SRM12 (1)Planetary Mixers

Univex Planetary Mixers range in size from 12-quart to 80-quart, so there is a size to suit the needs of any kitchen. Each mixer features a unique, hybrid drive system that allows the user to choose from four standard operating speeds and any speed in between, even when the mixer is running. You can expect the following features in a Univex Planetary Mixer:

  • * Durable, rust-resistant stainless-steel bowl
  • * Ingredient chute to allow for the easy addition of ingredients to the mixer while in operation
  • * Automatic bowl scraper to scrape the sides of the bowl during mixing
  • * Larger models include built-in automatic timers and power bowl lifters.

To ensure the Univex Planetary Mixer can meet your kitchen's specific needs, there is also a complete line of accessories available for batch or specialty mixing.

3 silverline spiral mixersSpiral Mixers and Lifters

The Univex Spiral Mixers are professional grade mixers that can lighten the load for bakery workshops and industry kitchens. These mixers offer the following features:

  • * Dual motors, one for the spiral and one for the bowl
  • * Solid, sturdy construction
  • * Great power reserve
  • * Fabulous functionality for perfectly kneading small and large quantities of dough

For kitchens concerned about the environment, Univex offers efficient Green Line spiral mixers which offer approximately 25% energy savings per cycle. To accompany your kitchen's spiral mixer, Univex's line of equipment also includes spiral mixer lifters

1000M new buttons CSlicers

Univex offers Premium, Value, and Economy Slicer Series, each of which is capable of high precision slicing, exceptional blade protection, and easy cleaning.

  • * Premium: These slicers are specially engineered for demanding, all-day use and come with manual or semi-automatic controls.
  • * Value: The Value series slicers are powerful enough to provide eight hours of continuous use.
  • * Economy: Best for light use, the Economy Series slicers can work for up to three to four hours per day.

Pizza Ovens

Univex also offers a range of domed, stone hearth pizza ovens that come in a variety of custom options. This allows pizzas -- and their ovens -- to both look good and possess high-quality features. From standard domes to the only rotating pizza decks in the industry made entirely of refractory bricks, these ovens are an easy way to achieve great pizza with reduced effort.

Sprizza_logoSheeters and Spinners

Univex offers two reversible dough sheeters, one of which comes in both bench and floor models. These sheeters include cylinders with a large diameter, bored shoulders, and reversible scrapers, combining to create optimum efficiency and functionality.

Hand tossing pizza is an art, but Univex has it down to a science! Sprizza is like having your very own expert pizza maker in-house. This bench model cold-spinning system creates perfectly spun pizza dough every time with the consistent quality you thought you could only get from the hands of an expert.

univex hand mixer

Hand Mixers

Univex has two powerful hand Mixers for you to choose from. The quick coupling Cyclone is powered by three different motors with interchangeable 10" and 14" shafts. Available in several sizes. Its ergonomic handle and lightweight fiberglass body helps reduce muscle strain and fatigue. An ideal choice for preparing mixtures, soups, and sauces. The Cyclone liquefies soups and purees fruits and vegetables directly in the cooking pot using cutlery steel knives. A safety-protected continuous blending switch offers convenience and peace of mind. The Vortex, our most powerful quick coupling device, builds upon all of the Cyclone’s functionality with more horsepower and longer blades (14" or 18").

PPress2RPrep Equipment

Univex offers a full range of prep equipment. From food processors that are capable of prepping 485 pounds of fresh vegetables and fruit per hour to the UPasta Machine, which makes countertop pasta prep fast and easy, there's an entire collection of solutions designed with efficiency and ease-of-use in mind. Univex Panini Presses are ideal for sandwiches of all different sizes and thicknesses, as well as meat, fish, eggs, and vegetables, and Vacuum Packers are designed with an intuitive electronic control system, featuring eight savable settings, a pump meter, oil pre-heat, and cleaning cycle.

[ADDITIONAL READING: Check out the full Univex Catalog and Brochure]

Contact Pro-Pacific to Learn More

The products highlighted above are just a snapshot of the versatile line of Univex products. Their portfolio also includes dough processors, prep equipment, and a variety of accessories. Univex makes a great complement to the broad equipment portfolio of Pro-Pacific.

If you are looking to optimize or expand the equipment in your kitchen or to enhance your food service displays, Pro-Pacific can help. We pride ourselves on education our customers on the most innovative equipment solutions in the industry. Contact us today to for a free consultation.

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