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Why (and How) You Should Upgrade Your Dipper-Wells

By Pro-Pacific / Jan 17, 2018

Why (and How) You Should Upgrade Your Dipper-Wells.png

Dipper-wells are often overlooked opportunities. Whether it's a coffee shop, a bar, an ice cream store, or something entirely different, the reality is dipper-wells are much more than just places to store and clean your essential utensils. They're a chance to enhance service while saving money.

For starters, by upgrading your dipper-well system, it's possible to save enormous amounts of water. Just consider this statistic:

Save Water with Dipper-Wells.pngOne dipper well in a standard ice cream shop can use as much as 250,000 gallons of water each year.

Water is an important and expensive resource, and the foodservice industry is one of the biggest users of water. So wouldn't an inexpensive dipper-well upgrade make sense if it was possible to save as much as 80 percent on your water bill?

In addition to water savings, operations can also see enhanced safety standards. Until now, meeting health-code regulations meant you had two dipper-well sanitation options—a marginally effective, extremely wasteful, continual water-flow system, or an ice-cream melting, burn-risky, thermal system. There is a better technology that will conserve on water and energy resources while still providing sanitation levels over 90 percent more effective than other options.

That technology is Nemco's RinseWell.

Easy to install, easy to use, compact, and with discreet mounting under the counter, all an operation has to do is install RinseWell below the dipper-well to enjoy water savings, enhanced safety, better food products, and more: 

  • * RinseWell has a simple plug-and-play system that integrates with your existing dipper well—saving money, hassle, and landfill waste.
  • * It features single push-button operation.
  • * Onboard electronics and programmable logic control allow for customization of system functions.
  • * RinseWell has built-in analytics provide water usage/savings and component end-of-life data.
  • Ready to learn more about Nemco's RinseWell solution? See how easy it is to upgrade your dipper-wells, and see more of the associated benefits, in this short, one and a half minute animation.

  • Upgrade Your Dipper-Well CTA

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