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Three Reasons to Consider Sensor Faucets in Your Foodservice Operation

By Pro-Pacific / Mar 15, 2018

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Selecting the perfect faucet for your foodservice operation or public facility can be as simple as looking for something operated by sensor. These "smart" faucets detect when someone is ready to use them, and they automatically regulate water accordingly.

Sensor faucets provide a reliable, convenient solution that's easy to use and control. Here are the three main benefits they provide:


It’s easy to see how quickly germs can spread when multiple employees and customers touch the same faucet handle. Between frequent contact and ineffective hand-washing, disease transmission is all too common. With a hands-free faucet, the risk of contamination is greatly reduced — cutting staff absenteeism and protecting everyone’s health.


Sensor faucets are the perfect solution for saving water. In fact, nearly one gallon (3.79 liters) of tempered water can be saved with every effective hand wash (approximately 20 seconds at
2.2 GPM [8.33 LPM]). When combined with the energy savings realized by not heating as much water, the result is less cost, less waste and less environmental impact. Installing electronic sensor faucets can also help achieve LEED certification for new buildings — making them a smart choice across the board.


Especially in commercial kitchens, the need to prevent cross-contamination while increasing the overall speed of operations is important. A sensor faucet will provide chefs and line cooks with quick access to water without the need to touch a handle, meaning each use of the sink is faster and safer than traditional handle options.

Check out the basics of sensor faucet technology in this short video from T&S Brass. 

Looking to retrofit your sink? Consider this one-of-a-kind option.

If you watched the video above, you saw a whole range of sensor faucet options. The T&S Brass EC-3105 is one of a kind, though, as it is a true, four-inch retrofit hand sink. All sensor faucets aside from this model have a single inlet coming through the middle. Hand sinks are typically punched at four inches, not a single hole, so a punching a center hole and adding a cover plate has been a typical solution. The other option was to order a special hand sink that was already punched with a center hole.

The EC-3105 changes the game. Now it's easy to retrofit existing sinks.

Looking for more testimonials on sensor faucets?

Have you ever heard of the Handwashingforlife® Institute? They're an global organization in support of solving the common hand hygiene challenges around the world, and they've partnered with T&S Brass to make it happen.

Learn more about the Handwashingforlife® and T&S Brass partnership in this case study from Pro-Pacific.

Handwashingforlife Case Study CTA 

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