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A Quick Look At Three Different Types Of Foodservice Merchandisers

By Pro-Pacific / Jul 18, 2019

A Quick Look At Three Different Types Of Foodservice Merchandisers

One sure way to enhance the point of sale is to merchandise your food. When customers gain clear visibility of the products you're selling, impulse purchases stand a greater chance to increase.

Not every type of merchandiser is right for every type of situation, though. Depending on what your foodservice operation offers, you might consider cold storage versus an option that holds and displays heated food items. Some options may be customer facing, while others may be geared toward staff. There's a wide range of options available, so let's quickly walk through three different types of merchandising options.

norlake merchandiserNor-Lake Glass Door Merchandisers

Nor-Lake is a leader in glass door merchandisers for foodservice operations of all types. From convenience stores to supermarkets to bakeries, these glass door merchandisers are designed for high-volume merchandising. With lighted signs and interior lighting throughout, these eye-catching displays will ensure your products receive the attention they deserve.

Smaller, countertop merchandisers are ideal for eye-level merchandising that are impossible to miss.  And Nor-Lake glass door merchandisers are not only visually appealing, but energy-efficient as well, featuring refrigerant with no Global Warming Potential (GWP).

Federal Merchandisers

itrss3626-b18-italian-glass-refrigerated-self-serve-merchandiserabc9928d2d90456eb03ba16c9044e56fTo create maximum visibility, Federal merchandisers would be an excellent option for your operation. They provide equipment that will best suit different food storage conditions. Their products work particularly well for anyone who intends to use a refrigerated foodservice display. The high-end Italian styles ensure products and their displays are eye-catching.

Your operation will also have an enhanced interior design because of the Italian styling. Choose from a host of glass options to take your service delivery a notch higher. From jewelry-like top settings to continuous line-ups, Federal will provide the right designs for different seasons.

Given that visibility remains a top feature of our food culture, the Italian styled food displays will bring out the best in your displays. This means the displays and the foods within will garner more attention, which ultimately leads to a greater number of point-of-sale purchases.

Alto-Shaam Merchandisers

Alto-Shaam HSMFoodservice providers with a continuous stream of business might not think about product visibility as much as someone else, but there's always the challenge of offering the right variety -- and the ability to hold and display it -- to attract a wider audience. Alto-Shaam merchandisers can accommodate this menu diversity, and the quality of food production will not compromised.

With Alto-Shaam merchandisers, operators can turn first-time customers into repeat customers by offering diversity. Cook, hold, merchandisers, rotisserie chicken, pizzas, sandwiches, and more are all possible with Alto-Shaam. Featuring exclusive Halo Heat® fanless technology for precise, even heating, these merchandisers improve food quality and extend holding life.

To get results from your merchandising projects, you'll need to put in a lot of careful thoughts and considerations. Complement great food with the right merchandiser for your operation and mint money from the business. As you work with your merchandiser, keep in mind different elements, including visibility, design, and storage conditions to get the most from your efforts.

Get tips from our team of experts. Schedule some time for a merchandiser assessment, and let us help you find the right type of unit for your unique challenges and needs.Pro-Pacific Equipment Consultation

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