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How Champion Provides the Things You Should Consider in a Commercial Warewasher

By Pro-Pacific / Jan 29, 2020

How Champion Provides the Things You Should Consider in a Commercial Warewasher

Commercial kitchens across the Pacific Northwest have found great success with the Champion PRO Series ventless dishwashing units. In this blog, we’re going to outline for you why these units have been so successful in our local foodservice operations.

Kitchen Considerations: Footprint and Install

Champion dominates the ventless dishwashing segment with warewashers that are built using superior materials and design. The Champion PRO Series is the highest quality unit available on the market today.

Take Champion's 60-inch dishwasher footprint, for example. In a reduced footprint, these units use top-mounted condensing coils that will make daily cleaning easier and don't require a technician to install. If you do want a technician, though, Champion is also proud to offer over 3,500 certified technicians available throughout the country. When the unit is installed through the nationwide network of authorized service providers, an additional six-month warranty is provided.

Kitchen Considerations: Water Usage and Volume

Looking for superior wash results? Start with Champion. Using less water to clean heavily soiled wares, their PRO model has passed the NSF buttermilk cleaning/rinsing test every time using less water! But water usage and volume go beyond simple quantities. There are also the designs that enforce them.

What about temperature? Champion only uses a hot water line to fill the machine, allowing the water to reach desired temperatures within minutes, thus increasing productivity by 25 percent. Add on the fact you're heating less water volume, and Champion provides additional heating costs. Finally, to use less water you've got to find a better way to focus that water. Champion does this with durable SST nozzles that provide maximum output.

Kitchen Considerations: Energy Usage

Champion uses patent-pending controls engineered for optimal energy efficiency. A unique programming feature automatically controls the fan speed, reducing heat loss that occurs when the machine is idling. The translation is savings.  Simply put, when you use 13 kilowatts less during operation and 2 kilowatts before, the result is a Champion unit that's 25 percent more efficient.

Kitchen Considerations: Special Features

DeLime Notification: The Champion PRO Series has an active, automatic de-lime cycle and notification feature. Water hardness levels indicate the need for this process, and once completed will drain automatically. Champion has a programmable, automatic de-lime cycle and a programmable dirty water indicator that notifies the operator when it's time to change the wash water. Champion also provides a step-by-step status during the de-lime process.

NSF Rated Pot/Pan Cycle: The Champion machines offer an automatic dwell that advances the rack to the proper position for maximum cleaning. Champion uses a programmable optimal conveyor dwell that allows for optimal cleaning of pots, pans, and heavily soiled items.

Kitchen Considerations: Quality Construction

Champion utilizes a stainless manifold to offer superior quality in all of the parts used in their machines. Champion offers the best construction quality with full tubular SST wash stand pipes and a fully insulated hinge door for easy access to the chamber. 

Drive Design: Champion uses an exclusive progressive drive system to ensure the racks are constantly moving. This provides a better cleaning process than the start and stop drive approach used by other units. Champion uses self-aligning slide in and out non-clogging wash manifolds and a perpetual dual track rack advance system with intuitive jam alert and drive protection.

Wash/Rinse Separation: The standard dish rack size is 19.85" in length, which is the size used by Champion.

Efficiency: Champion has a 17-gallon tank and wash capacity. Larger tanks can create sanitary hazards, as it's recommended to change water after each meal serving. When it comes to efficiency, more with less is the way to go. Champion has a 209 rack-per-hour rate to increase wash capacity volume. Champion also offers an automatic drain closure and operating system.

Top Mounted Controls:  Champion uses top mounted controls with an ergonomic touch screen that offers easy-to-read diagnostics. The multi-lingual, interactive HMI display provides intuitive condition alerts and step by step guidance. This proactive maintenance interface allows the user to self diagnose the problem and is given resolution guidance. A user's manual is loaded into the display, eliminating the need for a hard copy manual. Would you rather have this functionality or a non-interactive alpha numerical digital display?

Would you like a full rundown of Champion's differentiators?  Sure, a point-by-point comparison helps, but when you see these differences in person, it makes a world of difference. Schedule a free warewashing assessment with Ryan, and he'll walk you through the differences.

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