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The Benefits of Electronic Controls in a Commercial Kitchen

By Pro-Pacific / Mar 07, 2017

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Consistency is key. If there is one thing that every Pacific Northwest foodservice operation strives for, it’s delivering a consistent product again and again. Certain variables in the kitchen often affect the dependable output of menu items such as shift changes and equipment performance. But now there is a way to ensure that much of your cooking, braising, and steaming performs up to both the operator and the consumer’s expectations.

Groen’s new electronic controls for braising pans and kettles help deliver the consistent cooking results that restaurants, hospitals, schools, universities, hotels, and more foodservice operations need on a daily basis. These controls achieve a maximum cooking performance without any of the guesswork.  

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of electronic controls in a commercial kitchen.


These electronic controls were designed specifically for commercial kitchen equipment. The housing is well crafted and durable enough to handle the heat and humidity of a commercial kitchen. Since the control panel is water-resistant, the controls will hold up, even during a full cleaning process.


When a braising pan gets too hot, it can burn an entire batch of food and create unnecessary food waste. With precise time and temperature controls, overcooking will be a thing of the past due to less temperature fluctuation. Not only that, but the stress of undercooking food will diminish.


Braising pans and steam jacketed kettles from Groen are already known for their performance and durability, and the new controls are no different. With these controls, repair bills are minimized and in turn, so is downtime. Creating a controlled boil with the push of a button saves your staff time, and frees them up to handle other important responsibilities in the kitchen. This increased efficiency leads to lower labor costs.


With temperature control more exact than ever before, food quality will meet your exact specifications. Regardless of the chef or staff on duty, pre-set time and temperature controls ensure the highest quality output every time. Dependable electronic controls result in a consistent menu, consistent food quality, and subsequently, consistent praise from guests.

For a closer look at how Groen’s new electronic controls can lead to more consistent cooking in your foodservice operation, watch this short video below:

Ready to take control of cooking in your commercial kitchen? Learn more about Groen controls with help from our expert staff at Pro-Pacific. Get a free foodservice equipment consultation today.

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