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The Advantages of Italian-Styled Food Displays

By Pro-Pacific / Dec 17, 2018

The Advantages of Italian-Styled Food Displays

Quality. That's the first word that comes to mind when we talk about foodservice display cases that are styled in Italy and crafted here in the United States. But what does quality really mean aside from being something we'd all love to attain?

When it comes to a food display case, quality translates to a unit that is durable, reliable, and provides optimal visibility and accessibility to the foods and beverages you sell. At the end of the day, you're looking to create more profit than the day before, and point-of-sale purchases and impulse buys are likely an established way your operation achieves higher sales.

So how can a food and beverage case help? How can a refrigerated grab-n-go display help you increase profits? How can you gain quality from an Italian-styled case?

Federal Italian Style Display CasesFor starters, foodservice display cases need to perform one important function over all others. They need to store foods at safe and optimal temperatures. You don't want your milk going bad because your grab-n-go display is too warm. You don't want your chocolates melting. You don't want your foods going out in less-than-ideal conditions, and you certainly don't want your customers getting sick because of it.

Quality also means style. There's no doubting the allure and elegance of Italian styling, and those aesthetics can make the interior of your operation more alluring and elegant, as well. Today, we see foodservice display cases that are more linear and tend to resemble jewelry displays. Scale and proportions are clean and modern. Your guests should not just feel enticed by the foods you're presenting. They should feel enticed by the style of the entire presentation.

Finally, quality means visibility. It's critical that every item in your display case has its moment in the sun, so to speak. And by sun, we mean lighting. LED lighting not only ensures every item is staged for optimal visibility, it also won't impact the ambient temperature inside the case, spiking temperatures like other lighting options can. In terms of glass, clear shelving can allow customers to look up or down through the different levels of your foodservice display case with ease, and keeping outer glass clear and condensation-free increases the overall visibility of your display.

Introducing Fresh Food Merchandising from Federal

For more than 90 years, Federal Industries’ hallmark stands for precision craftsmanship and industry leading innovation for fresh foods merchandising display cases. Looking for a single refrigerated bakery case, hot/cold deli lineup, or aIntroducing Fresh Food Merchandising from Federalcomplete custom merchandiser display system? From refrigerated, non-refrigerated, hot cases and self-serve merchandisers our design experts will shape a signature look for your store to showcase your products and maximize return on your investment.

Their line of Italian-styled display cases is designed for customers looking for a rich, upscale aesthetic that will appeal to customers from both an interior design perspective, and from the perspective they have when they peer into the case. The goal is to showcase your food and beverage items in a way that drives sales and increases the potential for point-of-sale purchases. If you're looking for modern, elegant, attractive designs that are built with American innovation and craftsmanship, we invite you to see the quality behind Federal's Italian-styled food and beverage display cases.

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