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Planning Ahead for Your 2018-19 K-12 School Foodservice Operation

By Pro-Pacific / Mar 02, 2018

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As we look toward the end of the current school year, that means planning for the following year is beginning. Whether you're a newer school looking for some minor upgrades to enhance the student dining experience or you're an older school cafeteria ready for a complete renovation, Pro-Pacific has a range of school foodservice solutions to help you meet your challenges.

Student expectations are changing, and they have less time to eat.

Alto-Shaam combi ovensAlto-Shaam combi ovens are great for today's students with more sophisticated palates. With the combi ovens and cook and holds, schools can expand their menus while maintaining the highest level of nutrition standards.

Shortened lunch periods mean students have less time to eat high-quality, nutritious lunches, though. That's why holding cabinets and hot/cold drop-ins are so important when reducing service times while maintaining safe, high-quality options.

School nutrition directors need to maximize space and save money.

Real estate in a school cafeteria is at a premium. That's why it's critical to make the most out of every square inch while using equipment that can help save money.

champion dishwashersChampion door type dishwasher machines preserve space, water, chemicals, and energy while converting dirty, cafeteria plates into sparkling clean dishes. This means students enjoy safer eating conditions while school nutrition operations can take advantage of money saving equipment that comes both standard and ventless.

Staff members are hard to find, and they're often harder to retain.

groen steam jacketed kettlesIn a school cafeteria, turnover can be high. That means equipment that is easy to use and easy to maintain can be critical to success.

Groen steam-jacketed kettles can be one solution to help solve this problem. Eliminating the need to wrestle heavy stockpots on and off a range, steam-jacketed kettles cook faster, are easier to clean, and save time and money when compared to other conventional equipment. These one-pot cooking vessels are often lifesavers in busy school kitchens.

Safety is the most important thing.

Cooper-Atkins NotifeyeIt goes without saying that safety and sanitation are the most important part of the job in a school cafeteria. Meeting HACCP standards is important, but it can also be stressful and inconvenient.

The NotifEye system from Cooper Atkins is an easy way to make foodservice temperature monitoring as easy as possible. It's a cloud-based monitoring and notification system that helps operators increase efficiencies and avoid potential spoilage with an easy-to-use interface that works right out of the box.

Serve foods that are fresh and healthy.

School lunches are created on very small budgets, and in most cases, you get what you pay for. There's a reason fresh and healthy foods are often much more expensive than their processed counterparts.

VitamixUsing drink machines and foodservice equipment from Vitamix, it's possible to serve fresh menu options like smoothies to students who crave these types of items. By using your own ingredients and then blending them together, it's possible to ensure control of calories, fats, salt, sugar, preservatives, and all other ingredients like fresh fruits and vegetables, nut butters, and more.

Create enticing service stations.

Randell RanserveWe first eat with our eyes, but this starts well before a student even sees the plate. From the moment someone walks into the lunchroom, they're making decisions about what and where she wants to eat.

Randell's Ranserve Line makes service more enticing and fun. By using a variety of aesthetics and flexible options that can accommodate different menu options, schools can make school lunches more appealing and ultimately increase student participation.

Ready to learn more about how foodservice equipment can help solve some of the challenges you have in your operation? Get a free school foodservice equipment consultation from one of our friendly experts.

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