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Meet Ryan, Our Champion of Champion

By Pro-Pacific / Jun 20, 2019

Meet Ryan, Our Champion of Champion

Many of you probably know our own Ryan Chamberlin, but what you might not have known is he's our resident champion of Champion. Ryan has made this innovative line of warewashing and dishwashing machines his personal mission, and after a recent trip to the factory, he knows more than just about anyone in the Pacific Northwest about the best ways to clean plates.

ryanAfter completing Champion's in-depth training program, Ryan is now our resident expert on dishroom layouts and everything dishroom related, and we'd like to share a few ideas from his training with you here.


Let's start with the manufacturer. All of Champion's dishwashing machines are built right here in the United States under one roof in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Many of those models are Energy Star rated, and Champion's rack conveyor unit is the most energy efficient option on the market. The most important Champion fact? The cost of ownership over the lifespan of a unit is lower than the competition.


As a quick point of reference, Champion offers undercounter dishwashers, glass washers, door type dishwashers, rack conveyors, flight machines, circular conveyors, and more. In today's foodservice environment, more and more operators are looking for ventless equipment, and Champion provides these models, as well. You can find ventless commercial dishwashers from Champion in undercounter, door type, and conveyor type machines.


And that process is tried and true. The bottom line is not every type of warewashing solution will fit a specific type of operation. Every operator has a unique set of challenges. That's why we invite our customers to come in and tell us their needs, challenges, and what their overall objectives are for a warewashing program. 

From there, we will take that info and create a layout for a new room or a set of modifications for an existing room. Champion provides a detailed drawing, and will discuss the solution specification with our client. This is for all Champion dishwashers, bi-line conveyors, as well as waste handling machines. There's a process here, and it's designed with the operator in mind.


The final step is to make sure operators and their staff members know the best ways to operate a new dishwashing machine. We will provide an initial training plan with your team, as well as provide any follow up needed after that beginning training. We can also suggest multiple, local ASAs when it's time for service.

Check out this video to learn more about Champion dishwashing machines.



Would you like to set up your own dishwashing consultation with Ryan? Schedule some time to talk with the champion of Champion, the dishwashing expert of the Pacific Northwest.

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