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Made in the USA: Why Pro-Pacific Proudly Represents American Products

By Pro-Pacific / Apr 18, 2018

Made in the USA

“Born in the U.S.A.” is one of Bruce Springsteen’s biggest hits. And while The Boss may not have written that song about foodservice manufacturers, it certainly applies to the equipment we represent at Pro-Pacific.

What it means to be “Made in the USA”

By definition, when an item is “Made in the USA,” it must be made in the United States with all or virtually all American parts. In fact, it’s required by law to follow those guidelines.

For us and our customers, “Made in the USA” is more than just a stamp on a box or a button on a website. American-made products represent high quality and excellent craftsmanship. The label means longevity and reliability. When a piece of foodservice equipment is built in the United States, you know it’s built to last. It means speed to market and faster turnaround teams, as well as dedicated, responsive service. “Made in the USA” also mirrors our values as a company

Pro-Pacific Proudly Represents American-Made Foodservice Equipment

Here in the Pacific Northwest, we are honored to represent a number of manufacturers who build top of the line foodservice equipment and who are headquartered right here in the United States of America.

Alto-ShaamHeadquarters in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin

Champion Industries - Headquarters in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Chicago Metallic - Headquarters in Humboldt, Tennessee

ColdZone - Headquarters in Duluth, Georgia

Cooper Atkins - Headquarters in Middlefield, Connecticut

Eagle Group - Headquarters in Clayton, Delaware

Imperial - Headquarters in Corona, California

T&S Brass - Headquarters in Travelers Rest, South Carolina

Unified Brands (Avtec, Groen, Power Soak, Randell) - Headquarters in Conyers, Georgia

Univex - Headquarters in Salem, NH

Vitamix - Headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio

Spend some time with another American-born solution, Chef Wade, right in our Kirkland Culinary Kitchen.

Experience this American-made foodservice equipment in action, and receive expert advice on the solutions best suited for your foodservice operation.

Pro-Pacific Chef Wade Harris


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