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The All New Alto-Shaam Redesign: Now with Cheflinc!

By Pro-Pacific / Dec 14, 2020

These Are the Latest Advances in Cook and Hold

As the year comes to an end, we wanted to take a few minutes to move beyond on the funny 2020 memes and goals for 2021. If there's one thing we've noticed this year, it's that companies in all types of industries have looked inward a little more and have developed new and better processes, pivoted to different solutions, or some have even released brand new innovations that will have lasting impacts.

Alto-Shaam is one of those companies that has led with innovation in 2020, and we'd like to summarize some of those changes here. The entire line of Alto-Shaam Cook and Hold Ovens, Cook and Hold Smokers, and the H and F Series of the Vector Oven have been completely redesigned. All of the cooking technology that customers have grown to know and love remain completely the same, the major difference is in the control options, as well as the physical design. 


So what's changed? To begin, we should recap the two different options available in both Alto-Shaam's Cook and Hold Ovens and Cook and Hold Smokers, as well as their award-winning Vector oven. Both are available in simple or deluxe packages.

For all simple models you will see a sleek new look on the outside, but you can expect that same groundbreaking Halo Heat technology in Cook and Hold Ovens and Cook and Hold Smokers providing a range of versatility in commercial kitchens across the Pacific Northwest. Cook and hold can help solve labor challenges, and it can help increase quality for customers. That's never going to change.

In the Vector ovens, both H and F Series, operators can also expect the same, versatile, multi-chamber cook potential that garnered the 2017 Kitchen Innovation Award for the Vector. But just because something is great doesn't mean it can't get better. 

Introducing Alto-Shaam's Deluxe Features

In 2020, Alto-Shaam has been busy releasing their deluxe features in both the Cook and Hold and Vector H and F Series categories. There are really two main benefits to these units, and we'll explain what those are now.

750-SK_GLASS-DOOR_FRONT-transparentFirst and probably the easiest to see, the new deluxe models have a new sleeker design. With styling that's almost Italian in its appearance, these units can easily be moved to front-of-house, theater kitchen applications without negatively impacting the aesthetic of the overall design. They're that sharp.

controls a-s-1

As you can see above, the simple control features for the Cook and Hold and Cook and Hold Smoker are precise, and feature a lighted touchscreen and dials that can guide customers to create delicious dishes with many options. The Vector simple controls are the fully programmable touch screen we all have come to know and love.  The deluxe control system for both the Vector Oven and the Cook and Hold oven are touch screen, and have photos, creating an interactive experience right on the control panel.  

The most significant aspect of the new deluxe models are the control capabilities, specifically the inclusion of  a new, cloud-based system called cheflinc. Cheflinc is an innovative solution based on smart kitchen concepts including managing recipes, providing remote access to equipment, and enhanced data and recording. Ultimately, these capabilities will help standardize processes, make training easier, and help commercial kitchens become just a little bit smarter.


Even better, cheflinc is ideal for chains, franchises, and any type of multi-unit operation looking to standardize and share recipes, processes, and menus. We invite you to take a look at what cheflinc can do in this short video:


Want to learn more about the technologies available in today's commercial kitchens? Check out this white paper featuring the latest innovations in foodservice.

alto-shaam technology whitepaper

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