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There's Nothing Like Kids in the Kitchen for the Holidays

By Pro-Pacific / Dec 18, 2019

Cooking with Kids

If the holidays mean anything, they mean time well spent in the kitchen. From rolling homemade chicken and noodles with grandma to making ginger snaps with the kids, the kitchen is a time for tradition, reflection, and affection. Here at Pro-Pacific, it's no different.

We believe that cultivating a healthy relationship with food begins at a young age, so this year we had some of our own kids in the Pro-Pacific family come into the kitchen for some creation with Chef Wade.

Cooking with Kids V1

Working in the test kitchen is one of the perks of our job as we get to introduce aspiring young culinary minds to a whole new world of flavors. And with Chef Wade around, they're always eager to try new things and to use the latest and greatest in foodservice equipment.

The indoctrination starts early at Pro-Pacific, and in this edition of Cooking with Kids, Bella and Kyler learned a thing or two about Pacojet, the Alto-Shaam Vector Oven, and the benefits of using a Vitamix. Bella created her own Pacojet chai tea ice cream recipe, while Kyler loved to make mocktails and other blended treats in the Vitamix.

We hope you enjoyed our first Cooking with Kids video. Stay tuned for future episodes!

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