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Pro-Pacific Is Excited To Introduce You To Antunes

By Pro-Pacific / Sep 11, 2020


  • In the foodservice equipment and supplies industry, it's rare to find a manufacturer with a range of solutions as diverse as what can be found at Antunes. This breadth of capabilities is what made representing this brand so appealing, and today we're proud to introduce it to you as our latest line.

    A Company Background on Antunes

  • As one of the leading foodservice equipment providers, Antunes has been around for 65 years with three generations of one family running the business. Longevity and experience make a big difference in finding the best possible service in this category.

    Their specialties are countertop cooking equipment and water filtration systems for foodservice markets around the world. Thanks to experienced industry experts at the helm, these products are known for their technological innovation. This gives good reason to stick with companies that are locally and family-owned. Started in 1955 by August. J. Antunes, members of the family still run the company. They are also located in the Heartland of America: Carol Stream, Illinois.

    The Products Antunes Provides:

  • Let's get into the diversity. With a range of products that span possibilities, Antunes provides solutions from water filtration to rapid steaming to cheese melting and more. As a leader in countertop cooking equipment, Antunes can help convert often unused spaces into profit centers. Let's take a quick look at some of the new capabilities available at Pro-Pacific.

    Toaster Products

  • No foodservice operator can go without proper toasting equipment to create everything from bagels to hot sandwiches. Antunes offers various top-tier toaster equipment ranging from vertical contact toasters and flatbed toasters to muffin toasters. And because these units are made for countertops, they can help operators maximize the usage of existing spaces.


  • Steaming food is the healthiest approach nowadays, not including preserving quality. Antunes offers excellent steamers, including rapid steamers. Other products include a jet streamer, a miracle steamer, a deluxe food warmer, a steaming display cabinet, and a hot dog hutch.



    Every restaurant needs a griller to create everything from grilled eggs to paninis. Antunes offers an egg station (with or without a dual zone), a mini egg station, plus a panini grill. Because grills provide an enhanced level of menu diversity, Antunes' grillers are one of the most diverse product lines under the ever-diverse Antunes umbrella.



    Food displays are a major part of foodservice operation. Antunes has you covered here thanks to having more quality merchandising products. Items like heated display cabinets, warmer drawers, hot dog corrals, and corn cookers are top sellers and can help transform countertops into customized profit centers..



    Having timer equipment is essential to make sure all food is baked or grilled safely. You'll be glad to know Antunes offers state-of-the-art timers, including all being solar-powered. Plus, they offer a hand-wash timer to ensure better safety guidelines, which is especially important in today's age of COVID-19.

    Cup Dispensers


    Some items are exposed to the public, and cup dispensers are one of those. The lone product offered here by Antunes is their Dial-A-Cup system that dispenses foam, paper, and plastic cups. The product is designed to dispense one cup at a time to avoid spread of germs. As we mentioned with timers, this is a critical product segment in the current environment.

    Water Treatment


    Antunes' water treatment products are extensive and help with everything from ice to chlorine taste/odor reduction. As they say: "Better Water, Better Results." This can lead to a range of benefits including better water pressure and better water flavor. But water isn't the only thing impacted in terms of flavor, as Antunes' water treatment products can even help increase quality in things like soda fountains, soft drinks, and slushes.

    Custom Solutions, and a Care for the Community

  • To add to the prestige of Antunes, they also provide automation equipment like bun feeding machines and sauce dispensers. Using these will increase food production and help with overall profitability. Integrated equipment like mobile soup stations and cooking centers are additionally available. As a bonus, they even offer digital solutions like IoT to help with temperature monitoring.

    There isn't anything Antunes doesn't cover to bring you the best in innovation to prepare today's most popular foods, and even better, the recognize the importance of what the foodservice industry does and how staff have contributed to keeping the country running during current times.

  • We echo their sentiments. Thank you!

  • We'd love to sit down virtually with you, and have a chat about how Antunes can fit into your own operation.

Pro-Pacific Chef Wade Harris


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