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Introducing the New Panasonic Commercial High-Speed Oven

By Pro-Pacific / Feb 20, 2019

Introducing the Panasonic Commercial High-Speed Oven

A typical day in many convenience stores or small restaurants can be summed up in four words: serve good food fast. For many of these establishments, that means preparing food in advance and then heating it right before serving it to customers.

To make ‘good’ and ‘fast’ go together, however, it’s crucial to use an oven that can heat food quickly and evenly, is easy to use, and can be placed on a front-of-house countertop. Panasonic's commercial high-speed oven, NE-SCV2N, was designed with exactly those features in mind. Let’s look at them in detail.

Six Heating Patterns

Heating a frozen pizza or a sandwich requires different things. It’s not just the time that’s different, but also the type of heat. Panasonic rapid cooking technology features three cooking functions -- microwave, broil and convection -- which can be combined together to create six different cooking patterns. Whether the ready-to-order food is frozen, refrigerated, or at room temperature, the Panasonic high-speed oven will have the appropriate setting. The table below shows a few examples.

Panasonic Applications High Speed Oven

Ideal for High-Speed Countertop Cooking

The Panasonic NE-SCV2N is a ventless oven equipped with a catalytic converter and a removable air filter that captures grease particles, fumes, and smokes.

With ventless cooking technology, there’s no need to place the oven under the kitchen’s hood. It can operate directly on the countertop, closer to customers to make service even quicker. Also, it’s compact (W 18.66 in. x D 22.24 in. x H 16.22 in) and stackable, ideal for those operations with limited space.

Easy to Use

There would be no point in designing an oven that heats and cooks fast but is difficult and slow to operate. The Panasonic NE-SCV2N commercial high-speed oven comes with an intuitive LCD display and a memory bank of 1,000 recipes, which can be edited directly on the oven or uploaded from a computer.

Happier Customers, More Food Served

In the current foodservice trend where kitchens are shrinking and customers expect their food quick, Panasonic commercial high-speed ovens will be your best ally. It’s compact and stackable, has a small footprint, and is built with durable stainless steel. It sits right where you need it most and has six different settings to heat any type of food in seconds.

What does all this mean? Operators can serve high-quality food that will keep customers happy (and coming back), while decreasing wait times. The Panasonic commercial high-speed oven is profitable.



If you'd like to learn more about the Panasonic Commercial High-Speed Oven, start by scheduling some time to visit the Pro-Pacific test kitchen.

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