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Introducing a Rotisserie Oven That Cleans Itself

By Pro-Pacific / Mar 13, 2019

self cleaning rotisserie 

One of the toughest and most time consuming aspects of the cooking process is cleaning up after. Ovens, in particular, can be a drain on labor and resources when it comes to cleaning. That's why Alto-Shaam introduced a new self-cleaning version of the rotisserie oven, which will make life easier for operators in the Pacific Northwest.

The Alto-Shaam self-cleaning rotisserie oven actually begins the cleaning process during the cooking process. An automatic collection system sends grease into collection containers so the oven cavity is as clean as possible before the actually cycle begins.

At the end of a cooking cycle, the internal oven cavity is cleaned and sanitized with a patent-pending water jet system that removes any remaining grease, and it operates with either liquid soap or tablets to help remove the hardest-to-remove stains.

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self cleaning rotisserieOK, it's easy to clean, but what about the cooking benefits of the Alto-Shaam Rotisserie Oven?

The reality is chicken is one of the most popular menu items in the United States. More and more Americans consume chicken, and the number is rising. For restaurants or retail grocery stores that serve rotisserie-style chicken, having ovens that can deliver perfection -- cycle in, cycle out -- is critical.

Not only can the Alto-Shaam self-cleaning rotisserie clean itself, but these units can also keep up with the demands of high-volume operations that need high-performing ovens. Alto-Shaam rotisserie ovens are one of the fastest on the market, and they feature that ability to add pre-set recipes utilizing seven different browning levels for the ideal, crispy finish.

Would you like to learn more about rotisserie ovens from Alto-Shaam? Be sure to check out one of our Taste of Alto-Shaam events to learn more about how these units can impact your operation. 

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