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Information About Hamburgers (and How to Make them Better)

By Pro-Pacific / Oct 12, 2017

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Burgers are America's most famous food. And though there are as many different origin stories as there are claims on the "best" burger, some of the statistics about hamburgers in the United States are mind blowing.

* 71 percent of all beef consumed in restaurants is in the form of a burger

* Hamburgers account for roughly 60 percent of all sandwiches sold in the U.S.

* Americans eat an average of three burgers a week

* The burger is portable, customizable, and can be served gourmet-style or as a rustic yet classic to-go food

Ok, so the last one isn't exactly a statistic, but for restaurants and foodservice operators in places like Seattle, Portland, Eugene, and other Pacific Northwest locations, it shows there isn't a single formula for creating the better burger.

Some people like their burgers simple, minimalist even. Some like exotic toppings. Some like a variety of sauce options. But regardless of taste, there is certainly a process for making "a better burger," especially from an operators perspective. The perfect burger can take on many identities, from the bun to the beef.


The first step to a better burger is the meat itself. Sourcing great beef, bison, or whatever you're using to comprise your burger is very important to overall quality. So is the consistency with which you grind that meat.


A burger that has an oval shape will not fit on a round bun. Patties should be perfectly round, and they should be made consistently. Diners demand it, and cooks prefer it. Ever try to grill a burger that had malformed edges or wasn't fully packed into the patty?


In foodservice, measurements are extremely important. Accurate burger patty weights will dictate yield. They will impact ordering and restocking. And, ultimately, they will factor in to the profit margin of the entire dish.


Heat. Consistency. Flavor. The grill or cooking service determines so many of the great qualities we look for in a hamburger. With the right grill or countertop griddle, operators can find the right power output needed for the operation, and start churning out some of the region's best burgers.

Impress your diners by providing the perfect burger bun to go with your mouthwatering burgers. Discover how with the Intro to the Perfect Burger Bun Caramelizer. 

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