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The Importance Of Dinnerware in the Success of Healthcare Operations

By Pro-Pacific / Sep 19, 2019

Importance Of Dinnerware in the Success of Healthcare Operations

Patients and residents of short-term and long-term health care facilities are, in general, far more educated than ever before. They are accustomed to a better quality of life, and when it comes to foodservice, they expect to have a dining experience. Gone are the days of lackluster dining rooms with food served on plastic trays. The preference now is for upscale environments offering exciting, nutritious fare.

And it often begins with beautiful dinnerware.

The Psychological Impact Of Dinnerware

From the perspective of the diner, the pleasing styles, colors and unmistakable quality of dinnerware can have a definite psychological effect. The feeling that the chinaware they are now using is comparable to the pieces they could find in their home china cabinets is special. It makes patients think less about comparing with the comforts of home, and this positive feeling can be crucial when creating an environment of healing. It also provides a sense of well-being, it increases appetites, and it can encourage social behavior.

The Long-Term Value of High-Quality Dinnerware

Durability is essential for a healthcare foodservice operation, particularly because so many of the diners who utilize that dinnerware could be more prone to damaging it due to health conditions. Delicate or poorly made crockery has a short life span in a high-paced commercial kitchen, as well as the in the patients' rooms.

This is why the Homer Laughlin China Company created a full line of dinnerware collections that are perfect for hospitals and healthcare communities. HLC Dinnerware is fired in state-of-the-art, computerized kilns to consistently produce chinaware that is 32.2 percent stronger and more uniform. Every style and color of dinnerware is produced to deliver impeccable elegance and beauty, combined with superior strength and resistance to chipping, crazing, scratching, abrasion, and breaking. As an investment in a foodservice operation, it offers excellent value over the lifetime of ownership.

Compliance With Safe Food Handling Standards

All of the healthcare lines of dinnerware manufactured by HLC are designed with heat-keeping technology. Each piece is molded by master craftsmen in their U.S. facility to fit the thermal pellets meant to hold heat at the core, ensuring hot foods from kitchen-to-bedside at a safe temperature. In fact, appropriate heat-retention is maintained for up to eighty minutes. The polished, footed bottoms meet the industry requirements for hospital and institutional catering and tray service.

Exceptional Styles and Healthcare Dinnerware Collections from Homer Laughlin

Healthcare Dinnerware

HLC dinnerware comes in several, eye-catching styles that complement and enhance the artistry of every chef's culinary creations:

Kensington - Classical architectural design in pure white with intricate, embossed lattice sculpting. European elegance that adds grace to every meal.
Aurora - Pure white, with concentric rings around the rim that beautifully frames plated foods. Bright sophistication that draws the eye to the center of the plate.
Pristine - Adaptable to any dining environment, with a highly reflective sheen and wide rims. Simple, yet classic that adds elegance to every meal.
Americana - Our thinnest dinnerware with exceptionally high durability. Brilliant white that creates a stunning backdrop for every culinary creation.
Carolyn - Grace, simplicity, warmth, and comfort personified. Its distinctive ivory glaze and scalloped rim makes it an American classic.
Gothic - European-inspired design, reminiscent of the dramatic, pointed arches of the great cathedrals. Graceful, timeless elegance with a subtle, tone-on-tone lattice sculptured rim.
Lyrica - Festive and whimsical, ideal for adding a lighter touch to food presentation. An art nouveau creation that makes every meal a playful, enjoyable occasion.
RE-21 - The very definition of the classic rolled-edge design with a shallower well. The increased angle enhances the dramatic effect of the food presentation.
Seville - Understated elegance is available in a narrow, space-conserving rim. An appealing option with European-style sculptural elements.
Fiesta - Vibrant and colorful with unmatched character. Mix and match up to fifteen striking colors designed to compliment any occasion and special celebration.

The Positive Difference in a Dining Experience

HLC Healthcare

The subtle touches make all the difference. While the initial focus is on the food, the dinnerware it is served on adds to the high-end culinary experience. A table set with real chinaware sets the mood.

People want to feel that they are receiving the best care, especially when they are away from their homes. In the healthcare world, hospitals and facilities are in a competitive market, and the quality of their food service is high on the list of priories for patients and residents. HLC Dinnerware meets the mark for quality, durability and making a positive difference in the lives of your patrons.

See how Homer Laughlin China is made in this cool video.

Manufacturing Marvels Homer Laughlin Video CTA

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