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How to Cook Chicken in Half the Time

By Pro-Pacific / Feb 27, 2017

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If we told you there's a way to cook rotisserie chicken in half the time, would you be interested? For most delis and groceries across Washington, Oregon, and the Pacific Northwest, the answer seems to be a resounding, "yes."

With new rotisserie ovens from Alto-Shaam, operators can cook up to 21 birds in just 45 minutes. This is twice as fast as traditional models, allowing busy operations to create more profit potential in a shorter period of time. But in addition to cooking chicken in half the time, what are the other challenges a well-built rotisserie oven can solve?


A rotisserie oven with a glass door provides an appealing visual for hungry customers. This will ultimately increase impulse purchases in a deli and drive additional sales. Maximize food presentation during the cooking process, and you'll entice customers with succulent chicken roasting right in front of their eyes.


Look for a rotisserie oven with powerful and easy-to-use controls. With Alto-Shaam's stackable design, operators can save space without cramping the line. Depending on the job, a variety of optional spits are also available for use in the same oven, including a piercing spit, basket spit, and turkey spit. And when displaying the Alto-Shaam rotisserie for customers, an optional ventless hood allows this unit to cook right in front of hungry shoppers.


An oven designed the right way will use less energy. In fact, certain Alto-Shaam rotisserie oven models not only cook twice as fast as other options, but they also burn up to 30 percent less power. That's right. The Alto-Shaam rotisserie oven can double production at a fraction of the cost. Take the AR-7E rotisserie oven for example. It only uses 37¢ of electricity to cook 28 chickens.


When it’s time to clean up, Alto-Shaam rotisseries are easy to disassemble into their component parts — the spits, rotating disks, and drip strips can all be removed for washing. Food drippings are directed into a stainless drip pan, which also slides out for easy disposal. For even more protection, an optional Teflon coating makes it virtually effortless to clean up food spills.

Get a closer look at Alto-Shaam's new rotisserie ovens and other innovative solutions.

Depending on your kitchen’s needs, Alto-Shaam’s rotisserie ovens come in a range of configurations and sizes. To learn more about the rotisserie line, check out the Alto-Shaam Guide to Foodservice Solutions, and discover a full range of foodservice equipment options to solve your unique challenges.

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