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How the Alto-Shaam Vector Oven is Changing Cooking in the Pacific Northwest

By Pro-Pacific / May 24, 2017

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In foodservice, time is money. Operators, chefs, and staff look for every opportunity to save time cooking, while maintaining a high-quality that their customers and guest come to expect from every dish. Efficiency is often one of the biggest challenges faced in foodservice, and now there’s a piece of cooking equipment that not only saves time, but space as well.

Meet the Alto-Shaam Vector Multi‐Cook Oven. The Vector is four ovens in one. It has four fan speeds, four temperatures, and four cook times for four different food items. See it in action for yourself in the video below.

Let’s take a closer look at how this oven is changing cooking forever.

Flexibility & VarietyVector 3.png

This revolutionary oven design equates to a commercial kitchen’s ability to cook more varieties of food at the same time. A restaurant, hotel, or cafeteria could conceivably cook breakfast, lunch, dinner, AND dessert, all at once. It would be safe to assume that a piece of equipment doing the job of four ovens would take up a ton of kitchen space. That is simply not the case with the Alto-Shaam Vector Oven. With a 21” footprint, there has never been this much flexibility available for foodservice operators than right now.

Evenness and Quality

The exclusive Structured Air TechnologyTM utilizes both vertical upward and downward air flow, resulting in a more focused heat. This means cooking is more even than convection ovens. Worried that cooking shrimp with cupcakes at the same time could cause an undesirable taste? Fear not, as odors and flavors stay in their respective section.

Twice the FoodVector 2.png

A typical convection oven cooks one menu item at one temperature for one set period of time. In today’s foodservice industry, it’s like
 cooking with one hand tied behind your back. With the Vector oven from Alto-Shaam, each course of a dinner can be prepared at the same time using the same oven, cooking up to 38% faster than traditional convection ovens. How efficient is that?!

Less Labor

With an oven that doesn’t need pan rotations, it means the staff can be more productive in other areas of the kitchen. The Vector oven distributes heat evenly, so chefs and cooks can focus on preparing more meals without watching the clock. While being both ventless and waterless, the Vector is also easy to clean, even after cooking four varieties of food, saving foodservice operations even more time.

Learn more about the Alto-Shaam Vector Multi-Cook Oven and how it can transform your Pacific Northwest foodservice operation. Read the Guide to the Vector Multi-Cook Oven today.

alto-shaam vector oven 

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