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Some Thoughts on Food Waste and a Look at How to Reduce It

By Pro-Pacific / Aug 27, 2018

Some Thoughts on Food Waste and a Look at How to Reduce It

Food waste is one of the hottest topics in foodservice. Whether it's in a grocery store or a school cafeteria, more and more operators are realizing the negative impacts food waste has on a whole range of metrics.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, estimates show food waste in the United States to be at roughly 30 to 40 percent of the entire food supply. The amount of uneaten food from homes and restaurants alike was valued at $390 per customer in 2008.

As cited in promotions for the film Wasted!, which is a popular documentary on food waste created in part by the late Anthony Bourdain, could you imagine if a third of your cash fell out of your wallet every time you opened it? With food waste, that's essentially what's happening.

The good news, the film's synopsis says, is this major problem has no shortage of solutions.

ExBio Pro Pacific

Introducing Food Waste Reduction Solutions from ExBio

Food Waste Reduction Solutions from ExBioExBio is a leader in Aerobic Food Digesters since 2007. Their solutions are easy-to-use, save, reliable, and are environmentally friendly. From small to large kitchens and even industrial scale processing plants, waste reduction solutions from ExBio can help.

How do they work?

Aerobic Food Digestion is a process that can turn food waste into gray water within 24 hours, and that water can then be discharged into the local wastewater system. Their technologies are proprietary and include an ExBio Enzyme 159 and a Bio Star Accelerator.

This means operators have save and easy operation with real time monitoring, and unpleasant odors and sounds are minimized. In terms of operational efficiencies, a reduction waste will lower conventional garbage hauling expenses, and food waste is turned into water and carbon dioxide rather than methane gas, a greenhouse gas that contributes to atmospheric breakdowns.

ExBio food waste digesters can reduce an operations environmental footprint, save money, save fuel, reduce hauling costs and groundwater contamination, save labor, and even help get rid of bugs and vermin by removing rotting garbage.

We encourage you to learn more about this cost and environment-saving solution from ExBio. Schedule some time to come into our test kitchen at your convenience to get a complete demonstration.

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