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Five Considerations for Showcasing Your Food Products in a Display or Merchandiser

By Pro-Pacific / Dec 20, 2017

Five Considerations for Showcasing Your Food Products in a Display or Merchandiser.png

Foodservice display cases and merchandisers are becoming more and more critical to foodservice operations. From establishments that open as delis during the day in order to supplement fine dining at night, to grab-n-go options in hospitals and healthcare facilities, operators are constantly looking for additional revenue streams.

Growing sales with food display cases, merchandisers, or a grab-n-go program isn't as simple as just buying a unit, though. There's a wide range of factors that every operation should consider both before and after a display case is purchased. Let's take a look at five of these considerations for showcasing your products in a food display or merchandiser.

1) Safety and proper storage is the most important factor.

First of all, all food needs to be stored in ideal conditions to ensure safety. Beyond safety, though, there are different ideal storage conditions for different types of foods. Chocolate will be different than pastries. Deli meats will be different than gelato. Some operations might even use a single display for multiple applications over the course of the day, serving breakfast items in the morning versus lunch item during the day. Make sure you understand the proper conditions for your chosen menu.

2) Determine your menu.

In chronological order, determining your menu should really be first because so many other considerations will be dependent on the types of foods an operations sells. Consider multiple applications over the course of the day. Determine if products will be seasonal. Figure out if grab-n-go is part of the equation. These decisions will ultimately impact how you display your foods, in what conditions, and in what type of display case.

3) Maximize visibility and creativity.

Profitable foodservice display cases have one thing in common. They all provide full visibility to the products they contain. Shelving, lighting, and even creative, seasonal displays will all enhance how customers view foods and ultimately increase impulse purchases. The easiest way to make your foods more visible and enticing is to think like the customer. Enhance sight lines. Get creative. And showcase your food products in a way that will enhance point-of-sale purchases.

4) Maximize accessibility.

Whether it's a grab-n-go case directly available to customers or a deli case accessible only to operators, make sure food and beverage products are easy to reach in order to ensure efficiency. At the same time, making things accessible either to customers or staff cannot compromise safe storage conditions. There's a balance, so make sure you consider who you want to have access, and then make sure storage conditions are ideal based on that access.

5) Choose the right unit.

Once you've determined what you're going to serve, how you're going to display it, and who's going to have access, it's time to select the right case. Ultimately, this decision will impact how all the other factors are implemented, so choose carefully. If you need help, we'd be happy to discuss some options with you to help you achieve your foodservice objectives.

Pro-Pacific has been in the foodservice display business for a long time, and our team has a pool of knowledge you can rely on to make sure you're finding the right food display unit to meet your specific goals.

Get a free foodservice equipment consultation from Pro-Pacific, and learn more about display case solutions and merchandisers that can help you achieve your sales objectives.

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