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Comparing Undercounter Dishmachine Options from Champion

By Pro-Pacific / Oct 15, 2019

Comparing Undercounter Dishmachine Options from Champion

Space is important in foodservice operations. Whether it's a bar or coffee shop, café or full service restaurant, getting maximum output from the real estate you have can be critical. That's why undercounter dishmachines can be great assets for efficiently maintaining proper sanitation standards.

Selecting a unit can be a bit confusing, though. Despite the fact they're easy to install, a manufacturer like Champion creates undercounter options that can suit a wide range of needs, from Energy Star® ratings to both high temperature and low temp options.

Let's take a closer look at the benefits of undercounter dishwashers, as well as a comparison of the different options available from Champion.


Undercounter dishwashers can wash approximately 30 racks per hour, easily accommodating larger wares and trays. The insulated double-wall construction allows for quiet operation, and though they are located under countertops like residential dishwashers, the main advantage of a compact, undercounter unit is that it offers a faster wash/dry cycle and holds more dishes than the standard at-home models. These versatile units are a cost-effective option.


A dirty dish or spotted glass does not make a good first impression for a business. Customers expect, and deserve, to receive clean dishes when eating out. This makes choosing the right dishwasher essential for business owners.

Select a dishwasher that is simple for all employees to operate. Be sure the unit adheres to all health code standards and sanitary requirements. To avoid unwanted kitchen delays, pick a dishwasher that offers efficient cycle speed. An undercounter dishwasher that is quiet, space-saving, and energy-efficient will meet the demands of any food service area.


Champion is "The Dishwashing Machine Specialist". Their products are manufactured in the USA at their facility in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. There are five types of Champion undercounter dishwashers. Each model offers unique features to meet the demands of small commercial kitchens. There are also several standard features included with all Champion undercounter dishwashers.


* NEW "Shear Energy": Maximizes performance while offering a reduction in energy requirements.
* Stemsure™: This soft start feature protects glasses and dishes, helping to prevent chipping and breaking.
* Advanced digital temperature monitoring.
* All units include stainless steel top and side panels. 
* Door safety switch.
* One year warranty on parts and labor.


* NEW "Multi-Power", "Multi-Volt" and "Multi-Phase": Allows for simplified infield conversion from 208 to 240 volts and/or single to three phase.
* "Rinse Sentry": Extends the cycle time to ensure a 180°F/ 82°C final rinse for sanitizing wares.
* Built-in electric booster heater.

Champion UH130B

The UH130B includes all standard features. The Wash Refresh™ option ensures all dishes are sanitized with fresh water, draining automatically for the next cycle. The door includes a safety switch and measures 15-3/4" to accommodate larger wares and trays. The detergent and rinse aid pumps have a 141 second cycle with a one horsepower motor wash pump. There is a prime switch on the control panel with low-water tank heat protection. 

Champion UH230B

The UH230B offers the same quality construction and features of the UH130B model. This unit includes an independent stainless steel interchangeable upper and lower wash and rinse tank. It offers a 90 second cycle with extended wash for difficult ware cleaning and de-liming. There is an automatic drain cycle and automatic tank fill.

Champion UH330B

The UH330B is a cold water connection only machine that offers ventless heat recovery with "Dry Assist". This allows for faster drying time, condensation removal, and reduced operating costs. The built-in electric booster heater reaches a temperature of 180°F for final rinse water. There are three cycle time options for enhanced cleaning. The unit includes a pumped drain with detergent and rinse aid pumps. There is also an automatic drain cycle. The one horsepower motor provides efficient operation of this stainless-steel unit.

Champion UH330 ADA

The UH330 ADA is also a cold water connection only unit that is an energy-efficient, high-temperature dishwasher. The 29 7/8" space-saving height fits under kitchen countertops to allow for 34" ADA requirements. This ventless heat recovery model comes with a cold water feed only feature. The "Multi-Cycle" offers three options for detailed cleaning. The one horsepower corrosion-resistant pump powers up to 30 racks per hour. It includes two racks, one peg and one flat, and stainless steel upper and lower wash and rinse arms. Advanced service diagnostics assist with routine maintenance. 

Champion UL-130

The UL-130 is a great choice for businesses with light dishwashing needs. This low-temperature model includes the standard Champion features, plus the Wash Refresh™ option. The unit measures 33.75" in height, with a door opening of 15.75" to allow for larger items. The controls are top-mounted and easily accessible. There are interchangeable upper and lower wash and rinse spray arms. The built-in pumped drain eliminates the need for placing the unit over a floor drain. The 1 horsepower wash pump runs a 141-second cycle, washing and rinsing up to 21 racks per hour. The sanitizer dispensing pump provides a deep clean cycle. The UL-130 requires a 115-volt, 60hz, 1-phase electrical connection.

Ready to learn more about which unit is right for your type of operation? Schedule some time to meet with our own Champion of Champion and receive a free warewashing consultation. Click below to hear from Ryan, our Warewashing Expert.

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