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Can You Have Hot Food Wells Without Water?

By Pro-Pacific / Nov 19, 2019

Can You Have Hot Food Wells Without Water?

In short, the answer is 'yes.' Let's not get ahead of ourselves, though.

Water is a critical element for life, but it's also really important to the life of a commercial kitchen. When you stop to think about it, there are rarely any processes in the kitchen that don't involve water in one way or another. Despite the fact it's so needed, it can also be a bit challenging.

Consider heated food wells. Traditionally, water has been needed to surround wells to keep foods warm, but that heat source isn't always reliable and it can be somewhat cumbersome to deal with from a labor perspective.

Technologies have changed, though, and Alto-Shaam now has the ability to provide stable and consistent temperature control without the need for water. How? The same way they've innovated so many other areas of equipment -- with Halo Heat.

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With Halo Heat included in drop-in heated wells, a unique thermal cable will keep foods at ideal temperatures that translate to higher food qualities for customers and guests. And, yes, these wells are completely dry. The translation for operators is reduced operating costs, improved safety, and absolutely no water that can lead to scale build up, leaks, clogged lines, and unwanted maintenance.

Because of the radiant, Halo Heat technology that evenly surrounds food without the need for heated elements, added moisture, or fans, the most important result is better food quality that comes from more precise and individual well control. And who doesn't want precision and versatility?

if you think you need steam or water to make foods look fresh, you're wrong. If you think your store needs water lines routed to your hot food bar, you're also wrong. With Halo Heat technology, your products will stay fresh-looking without all the hassles and requirements that come with water-heated wells.

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So, yes, it's possible to experience optimal heated food wells without the use of water thanks to Alto-Shaam. To see more ways technology is changing the restaurant industry, check out this comprehensive white paper to learn more.

alto-shaam technology whitepaper

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