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What You Need to Know About "Buying Local" Foodservice Equipment

By Pro-Pacific / Apr 24, 2019

What You Need to Know About Buying Local Foodservice Equipment

Finding great ingredients close to home doesn't have to be an up-creek swim. In fact, over the past several years, it's become easier and easier to source great foods using local farms or providers. In some cases, foods are even grown on site or in the kitchen.

"Buying local" doesn't just have to mean your ingredients, though. Sourcing your foodservice equipment and supplies close to home can have positive impacts, as well.

"When buying local, you can rely on a high level of support after the sale," says Pro-Pacific corporate executive chef, Wade Harris. "When purchasing online, there is not the option for support after the sale, and on the slim chance there is, you would have to pay for it."

Working with a manufacturer's rep like Pro-Pacific or buying from your local foodservice equipment dealer can provide a handful of benefits, and they fall into three different categories. Let's go through them here:


When you work with Pro-Pacific or your local dealer as your considering your foodservice equipment purchase, you'll receive advice on the best solution to match your specific needs. Even better, we can help you with design tips and operational considerations to maximize efficiency and profitability.

"As a chef and operator, I didn't have the opportunity to come in and test equipment and utilize a test kitchen before purchasing," Harris said. "This really does help you realize all the options and capabilities of the equipment before the purchase. Using the equipment before the purchase is PARAMOUNT."

Working with equipment before you buy allows operators to get what's best for their unique situations and applications, and as Chef Wade says, this is an enormous advantage. For this reason, we make our test kitchen open for chefs looking to experiment before determining their equipment selections.

"You also have the opportunity to try before you buy with our Culinary Kitchen. The opportunity to run your own product through the equipment and do R&D and menu development is huge," Harris said.

Other benefits of working with Pro-Pacific before purchasing? We can make sure the equipment you buy will fit in the space you have.


Your new Vector oven is installed. It's hooked up. You're all set to go. Now what?

Pro-Pacific and our own Chef Wade can help provide training to your kitchen staff that will help you make the most from your recent purchase. From efficiency to safety, we're available to help you learn anything and everything about that new oven.

Having issues or questions? We can also help with service calls to get you back up to speed as quickly as possible if problems do arise.


If you're looking to talk to someone who's knowledgeable about the equipment your considering, and if you're looking for some fun and entertaining conversation, you should talk with Chef Wade.

Chef Wade has a whole range of experience that spans his entire culinary career (yes, he cooked for the famous Andretti family). If you're looking for a killer home-brewed beer recipe, Chef Wade has one. If you're looking for an amazing smoked salmon recipe, he has that, too. 

Chef Wade's Smoked Salmon

Mostly, though, Chef Wade just has knowledge and a good sense of humor.

"When you work with Pro-Pacific, you get to work with me," he says.

Schedule some time to talk with Chef Wade about your foodservice equipment needs, and learn more about the benefits of "going local."

Pro-Pacific Chef Wade Harris

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