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The Benefits of Prepping Food with Vitamix

By Pro-Pacific / Aug 17, 2018

The Benefits of Prepping Food with Vitamix

Food prep is a lot like making bricks. While you might not win any James Beard Awards for how you chop your ingredients, those ingredients do add up to the overall architecture of your dishes.

The bottom line is food prep matters. It can be time consuming, though, and sometimes even costly both from an equipment perspective and in terms of labor.  Whether you're chopping, blending, grating, puréeing, or something completely different, there are benefits to prepping food with a Vitamix.

Vitamix is durable.

In restaurants and other high volume operations, equipment needs to be durable and consistent. Vitamix is known for standing up to the rigors or every day use, day after day, year after year.

The reason is simple. Vitamix creates better overall systems that work together. Every component is selected for superior quality, meaning they don't have to work so hard. Instead, they work longer.

Vitamix is convenient.

Convenience means different things to different people, but I think we can all agree that doing more in less kitchen space is always a goal. Chopping, grinding, emulsifying... these are all things a Vitamix can do. That's why Vitamix units are often selected to take the place of a wide range of kitchen appliances and equipment.

Convenience also means easy-to-use. Vitamix is so intuitive a new hire can be an expert in a matter of minutes. Just set the container on the base, secure the lid, and go!

Vitamix is versatile.

If you're a chain restaurant trying to standardize the mouthfeel of a purée or a chunky salsa, Vitamix can dial your preferences in so you can replicate those settings in different locations.

Use a Vitamix for blending in 93 variable speeds. Use the "high" blend setting for just five minutes to heat soups or sauces to 170º F. Grind almost any ingredient to create -in-house menu items that are free of added oil, sugar, or shelf stabilizers. Turn down the settings, and you can even use your Vitamix for muddling.



Would you like to see first hand how beneficial a Vitamix can be for your food prep processes? Check out the Pro-Pacific Vitamix Video Library.

Vitamix Video Library

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