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Benefits of a Braising Pan in K-12 School Kitchens

By Pro-Pacific / Aug 29, 2016


A braising pan can be one of the most versatile pieces of equipment in a commercial kitchen, but when that kitchen is in a K-12 school cafeteria, it can be even more beneficial. See the benefits of braising pans in a K-12 school kitchen by watching this short video from the Groen Training Academy.

For starters, faster foodservice equipment responses and shorter cooking times are vital in K-12 settings. Large batch cooking should be controlable, effective, and easy to execute, all while delivering tasty and healthier meal choices. See how it's possible in this short video.

Learn more from our K-12 expert. Spend some time with Chef Wade, and let him discuss the right foodservice equipment that will help increase student participation while delivering tastier food and more efficient service.

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