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What You Need To Know About Our New Partnership with Espresso Soci

By Pro-Pacific / Jul 20, 2020


When it comes to daily rituals, none are more important, and quite frankly, necessary than that first cup of coffee or espresso in the morning. Sure, we love it for the caffeine kickstart it gives us, but there’s also a very assuring and familiar feeling associated with taking those first few delicious sips of the day.

When we entertained the idea of partnering with an espresso machine manufacturer, we wanted them to feel the same way about that morning cup as we do. Luckily, we found a perfect match with Espresso Soci, whose motto, “Because coffee is the most important meal of the day”, is a sentiment we can get behind. 

Through our partnership with Espresso Soci, we are excited to announce that we now represent some of the top espresso machine brands in the world in Casadio, La Cimbali, and Faema. 

Whether you’re a big or small establishment, these three brands carry product lines that are built to handle your everyday operational needs and simplifies the process of making great-tasting coffee that your customers will be sure to enjoy.  Let’s take a closer look at some of the types of espresso machines we now offer and what features you can expect from these three highly regarded brands.

One-Group Traditional Espresso Machines

A one-group espresso machine simply just means it has one head capable of making one single cup at a time. Each of these three brands features a smaller sized espresso machine that is perfect for your small restaurant, cafe, or coffee shop. Not only will they save you on space, but each one of these machines is fully programmable with an easy to use display designed to help improve your operation’s daily efficiency.

Faema Enova 

This automatic espresso coffee machine from Faema features the company's patented Auto Steam technology that allows the unit’s steam wand to simultaneously deliver steam mixed with air to heat or froth the milk without the operator having to step in to adjust manually. As a result, the quality of each cup is consistent and even allows for significant energy savings.

Cimbali M26 BE & M21 Junior

The M26 BE from Cimbali is both easy to use and maintain. Made of durable steel, this machine comes equipped with the LaCimbali thermal system which ensures temperature stability, making each cup of coffee with the same consistency and quality. In comparison, the M21 Junior is another option from Cimbali that is slightly smaller, making it perfect for operators who may have limited space but still want high performance from their coffee equipment. This unit has a user-friendly display and comes in both automatic and semi-automatic versions.

Casadio Dieci 1 Group

This single-cup automatic espresso machine from Casadio is perfect for lower volume restaurants or diners who are after both quality and ease of use. This piece of equipment is fully programmable, fills cups up to 5.5” tall, and features a 5-liter boiler that runs on 110v power.

Multi-Group Traditional Espresso Machines

For operations who deal with higher traffic and are looking for maximum performance, a multi-group espresso machine would be a great fit. All three brands offer a great mix of both 2 and 3-head coffee machines engineered to keep up with the pace of your customer’s needs.

Faema E61 Legend

The lure of the Faema brand is heavily tied to their E61 Legend. First developed in 1961, this staple piece of equipment features their Smart Boiler technology that includes an automatic boiler fill and a built-in volumetric pump with two pressure gauges that help control the pump and boiler pressure. This system is designed to optimize water level in the boiler and create a thermal balance that produces outstanding results even under conditions where your equipment is being used quite frequently.

Cimbali M26 TE

If you’re looking for versatility, this machine can carry the load. Complete with Cimabli’s ThermoDrive adjustable thermal balance system, this automatic espresso machine delivers consistent conditions capable of making delicious cup after cup for your customers. Thanks to this intuitive system, the machine is able to regulate water temperature, allowing each group to blend different types of coffee.

Casadio Dieci and Undici 2 Group

The Dieci 2 group is considered the 'workhorse' machine of the Casadio brand. This automatic machine features a four-button display with programmable shot dosing and one continuous deliver/stop push button. Looking for a machine with a smaller footprint? The Undici 2 Compact is perfect for cafes or coffee shops that are tight on space. This compact but sturdy stainless steel design comes with two stainless steel steam wands and a multidirectional hot water wand.

Super-Automatic Espresso Machines

Designed for simplicity of use, the super-automatic espresso machine is perfect for convenience stores and non-specific cafes or coffee shops whose customers are typically on the go. Faema and Cimbali have numerous options in this category of espresso machinery, giving operators peace of mind knowing the equipment will do the bulk of the work for them quickly and efficiently. 

Faema X20 & X30

The Faema X20 is the definition of a hands-free espresso machine. It features an interactive touch display, Bi-directional Wi-Fi, and has the ability to make up to 48 drinks! With Bi-directional wi-fi capabilities, you have the ability to view all aspects of your espresso program straight from your smartphone. The X30 gives you the same bells and whistles as the X20 but also features self-adjusting grinders for improved coffee quality. In addition, this equipment also has the ability to produce cold foamed milk that comes in handy when offering up different variations of drinks.

Cimabli S20 & Q10

The S20 fully automatic espresso machine is built to perform, generating up to 200 cups a day! Using its built-in soluble hot system, this unit can provide your customers with a wide and varied drinks menu without a hiccup. The Q10, much like the S20, is simple to use, extremely versatile, and is the perfect size for any operation. Utilizing their patented Smart Boiler technology allows the boiler to enable constant and efficient amounts of steam and water supply that is required to make a large assortment of beverages.

Simplicity, Consistency, and Control with Espresso Soci

One of the great features you can expect from each one of these brands and products are the advanced connectivity and support already built-in these machines. A majority of this equipment comes with Bi-directional Wi-Fi capability, great for all your operational and service needs. Interested in seeing what drinks have been made or just simply checking to see if your machine needs cleaning? Get those answers quickly all from your smartphone. Need service? Service technicians can diagnose or fix issues remotely, keeping you up to date and informed. 

All three of these manufacturers offer the simplicity, consistency, and control that operators throughout the foodservice industry require to get the job done each and every day.

Ready to learn more about our new partnership with Espresso Soci and how it can benefit your coffee shop or restaurant? Click on the link below to sign up for your free foodservice equipment consultation from the experts at Pro-Pacific. 

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