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An Introduction to Refrigerated Drawers for Your Commercial Kitchen

By Pro-Pacific / Sep 26, 2016


Refrigeration in your commercial kitchen can be a real pain in the you-know-what. With door refrigeration models, cold air can literally spill out onto the floor while at the same time hiding food products that are placed in the back, burying them forever - or at least until they're rediscovered and tossed in the garbage because the product has gone bad. But there is another solution to consider.

Refrigerated drawers for your commercial kitchen will not only help you prevent losses due to food waste and conditioned air, they will also help you increase productivity and efficiency in your commercial kitchen. Here's how:


Because not all food requires the same degree of cold, the right refrigerated drawers should provide varying temperature control to serve as a refrigerator, freezer, or somewhere in between.


Nothing degrades food quality more than temperature change. A good refrigerated drawer should hold your food product between +/- 2ºF, a consideration that is especially important in healthcare and hospital applications where safety and temperature are critical for patient meal satisfaction.


With the right refrigerated drawer system, seafood holds fresh up to three days longer than standard refrigeration. There is no ice, which means less cost, less mess, and less clean up. You can also eliminate wet floors and smells by going with commercial drawer refrigeration versus standard ice.


An interesting aspect of a well-designed commercial kitchen refrigerated drawer is it will not pour cold air onto the floor. Another energy-saving feature to look for is an evaporator coil and fan that turns off when the unit is open.

Learn more about refrigerated drawers for your Washington, Oregon, or Pacific Northwest commercial kitchen. Watch this video and see all the benefits.

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