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An Introduction to Global Solutions from Nemco

By Pro-Pacific / Oct 09, 2018

An Introduction to Global Solutions from Nemco

What are Nemco Global Solutions? They are a line of foodservice equipment products that are sourced from some of the top OEMs in the world.

Begun in 2017, the idea was simple. Offer food prep equipment, ovens, merchandising, and concessions pieces that are made here in the United States and in other parts of the world from high-quality manufacturing facilities. The result is Nemco Global Solutions, a line of equipment that offers the best equipment available at its price point.

Here's how Nemco Global Solutions works:

Here's what Nemco Global Solutions can provide:


What sets Nemco Global Solutions ovens apart from the competition? For starters, they are great for operations with a small space but big needs.  They can fit half size sheet pans on three or four shelf setups. They also have steam assist, come in either digital or manual options, and they can provide a wide variety of functions in a small space.

Pro-Pacific nemco global solutions ovensLooking for more information on the features of Nemco Global Solutions ovens? They have higher legs making it easier to clean underneath. A solid gasket ensures a tight door seal. Heavy insulation means greater energy efficiency. The timer goes up to 120 minutes, and a protected lamp means dust and impurities will not enter the chamber.

There are several units and models to choose from. If you'd like to check one out or to get some more detailed information about which model might be best for your needs, we encourage you to come visit our Culinary Center or schedule some time with Chef Wade.

Nemco Global Solutions ovens are great for restaurant chains, pizzerias, QSRs and fast casual locations, c-stores, bars, bakeries, cafeterias, concession stands, caterers, and more.

Pro-Pacific Nemco MerchandisersMERCHANDISERS

In many foodservice situations, the point-of-sale is also the point of profit. Nemco Global Solutions creates a full range of high-quality merchandising units to keep foods at an ideal temperature while also displaying them in appetizing ways. From baked goods to pizzas, just about any item can be displayed in one of Nemco's models, which range from pass-through displays to dual shelf merchandisers.

Pro-Pacific nemco concessionsCONCESSIONS

The great thing about concessions is customers are usually in a good mood. Think about it. Fairs, carnivals, baseball games -- these are all the types of places where one would encounter a concession stand. That being said, Nemco's Global Solutions concession equipment will heighten those moods with things like hot fudge warming dispensers, sno-kone machines, nacho cheese dispensers, and popcorn carts.

Pro Pacific nemco grill scraperSLICERS, CUTTERS, AND SCRAPPERS

Finally, there's the workhorse equipment. Nemco Global Solutions offers high-quality options ranging from wedge cutters and rotary slicers to wall-mount choppers and produce slicers that can handle things like onions, tomatoes, and lettuce.

Discover more from Nemco's Global Solutions line, and see how these high-quality options at the right price can impact your operation. Schedule some time to visit with Pro-Pacific today.

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