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An Intro to Pizza Prep Tables

By Pro-Pacific / Feb 14, 2018

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As Americans, we know our pizza. In reality, we're actually the experts. Consider these statistics:

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The numbers don't lie. And if so many American's know pizza, it's up to Pacific Northwest operators to provide the quality and variety that today's diners are looking for on pizza night.

As a result, today's pizza operators face an increasing range of challenges: Expanding topping variety, providing higher quality, efficiently handling capacity, ensuring customer safety, space and storage issues, and more.

There is rising demand for doing more in a limited amount of space, as some operations even look to menu items outside of pizza in order to attract and please a wider audience of diners. In such a fast-paced market, it's more important than ever to adapt quickly while attracting these selective customers and raising profits.

Pizza prep tables can be an easy solution to help solve some of these problems. 

Pizza prep tables allow pizza restaurants the ability to do more with less. Whether standard or custom designed, a prep table can hold foods at the exact temperatures needed, regardless of the ambient temperature of the kitchen. This is possible with Randell's wrapped wall systems that provide specific temperature control in even the toughest kitchen environments.

At the same time, a well designed prep table will facility kitchen workflow — not only increasing productivity, but making cleanup more efficient than ever. Operators want consistency in their menu items and Randell prep tables provide one less area to be concerned about providing consistent food temperatures. And with more prep tables to choose from than any other manufacturer — including options for pizza, sushi, sandwiches, salads, Mexican and chicken chains in addition to the fastest growing fast/casual chain in the US — Randell is truly a one-stop source for a full spectrum of foodservice applications.

Let's take a closer look at Randell Prep Table options.

Base get the basic job doneIf price is the driver the RPP series forced air prep table is the answer. Designed to be cost effective, the RPP series competes with price and performance in its class. • Lower life expectancy • 90-day labor and 5-year compressor warranty • No or minimal options • Meets NSF-7, designed for kitchens up to 86°F

Better are performance workhorses - If performance is what you are looking for the 8000N series raised rail unit will fit the bill. With units still operating in the field after 25 years, they are built to stand up to harsh kitchens. • Longer life expectancy • 1-year labor and 5-year compressor warranty • Multiple options available • Exceeds NSF-7, designed for the toughest kitchen environments • Standard drain in rail with clean out valve • Base and rail have separate temperature controls • Press-fit gaskets for easy removal and replacement • 100% front breathing

And Best are custom designed - Randell RanSpec tables can be customized to fit any operation. Remove steps, increase capacity per footprint, or increase efficiency of your workers. With customer direction and Randell’s 30+ years of refrigeration experience, our expert design team builds equipment specific to your operational needs. • Longest life expectancy • 2-year labor and 5-year compressor warranty • Customized to fit customer requirements • Exceeds NSF-7, customized for the toughest kitchen environments • Standard drain in rail with clean out valve • Base and rail have separate temperature controls • Press-fit gaskets for easy removal and replacement • Heavier gauge tops, lids, door panels and handles • 100% front breathing

Despite the capabilities of Randell prep tables, there are a lot of myths about storing food products in a prep table, especially overnight. If you're ready to debunk these myths and learn more, download our Overnight Prep Table Storage White Paper.

Overnight Prep Table Storage


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