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An Intro to Homer Laughlin's Most Popular Dinnerware Collections

By Pro-Pacific / Dec 06, 2017

An Intro to Homer Laughlin's Most Popular Dinnerware Collections

Last month, Pro-Pacific announced our new representation of the Homer Laughlin China Company. As manufacturing giants in the United States and in the worldwide dinnerware space, HLC and their family of companies offer a diverse range of lead-free, commercial dinnerware that meets the demands of chefs and operators across the country.

In addition to being durable and providing value, HLC develops collections to provide beauty to any setting, whether it's white tablecloth fine dining or a casual bistro. Let's take a quick look at some of Homer Laughlin's most popular dinnerware collections:


Retro.jpgWhat’s buzzin’, cousin? It’s sometime between the late 1940s and the mid-to-late 50s. Route 66 was in its heyday. The style was ... futuristic. It was an unapologetically artistic type of world. Homer Laughlin was there. They created of-the-moment patterns that were just as likely to be set on tables in an off-highway diner as in an upscale coffee shop or bistro.

Many restaurants today are fighting to regain character on the table, pushing back on the all-white tabletop and the minimalist message it conveys. Patterns and colors are back. And with them, Retro patterns are being pulled back to the table. Homer Laughlin likes to say, “Who better to lead the Retro charge than those who CREATED it!”



Farm-to-table is here to stay, and the dinnerware to match this trend is Carolyn. Carolyn owes its classic heritage to its distinctive scalloped edge, bringing elegance, sophistication, and presence to the table. It reminds diners of an era of graceful simplicity, warmth, and comfort. Refined enough for your most dramatic presentations yet demure and unassuming enough to allow the food to take center stage, Carolyn epitomizes Homer Laughlin’s strength and character down to the last detail.


Fiesta.jpgOne of the most collected dinnerware products in the world, the beloved Fiesta® line was originally introduced in just five colors and was an unprecedented sensation. Today, Fiesta continues to add unparalleled character and vibrancy to every table. Fourteen bold colors complement each other beautifully and can be mixed-and-matched with other shapes to amp up or dial down the color range to suit your own unique presentation or culinary whims.

Like Fiesta? Come join the party!

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