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Here's Alto-Shaam's New Line of Blast Chillers

By Pro-Pacific / Jun 19, 2018

Here's Alto-Shaam's New Line of Blast Chillers

Why consider blast chillers?

They rapidly cool food products through the danger zone to reduce the risk of contamination. They can reduce labor requirements with innovative designs and interfaces. They can help foodservice operations throughout the Pacific Northwest maintain proper reporting processes to stay compliant with HACCP regulations. And these are just a few benefits of blast chilling.

See how blast chilling can work with other processes such as combi technology to improve the level of service in a major university. 

Of all the blast chilling options, the new QC3 QuickChiller™ Models from Alto-Shaam provide a high standard of benefits. They feature a 7-inch touchscreen and other design improvements over the QC2 models:

  • * Seven-inch touchscreen (previously 4.3 inches)
  • * New graphics (match new line of self-cleaning rotisserie ovens)
  • * Program up to 102 chill settings
    • * Sort alphabetically
    • * Download onto oven via USB
  • * Three probes that can be individually named
  • * HACCP data improvements
  • * Hold mode improvements

Alto-Shaam QC3 QuickChiller Line

Introducing the new Alto-Shaam QC3 QuickChiller Line:


The QC3-3 has a capacity of 36 pounds using three full-size 1/1 GN pans. With a compact design, this is the smallest, self-contained blast chiller in the Alto-Shaam range. It can easily fit on top of or under a counter.


Larger but still compact, the QC3-20 can be placed against a wall or in an island configuration to provide blast chilling capabilities in addition to a functional workspace. It will hold 60 pounds or five full size steam pans.


If your operation is looking for greater pan capacity and higher production throughput, the QC3-40 is an ideal option as it holds 240 pounds, 19 full-size 1/1 GN pans, or nine full-size sheet pans. Chill virtually any type of food, from hearty roasts to casseroles.


The industry's only fully integrated rack management solution that provides support with production, chilling, retherm, staging, and service. With a fully integrated roll-in food cart, the QC3-100 works in conjunction with compatible Alto-Shaam CT Series Combitherm ovens. It has a capacity of 480 pounds, and also comes as the QC3-100R with a remote condenser option.

Blast Chilling: A Leading Resource for Food Safety

Alto-Shaam's QuickChilling solutions will rapidly decrease temperatures of hot food, moving it quickly through the danger zone with uniform precision. Whether you're looking to just chill these items put them in a frozen state, the new QC3 line of blast chillers will help keep your operation within code requirements set by HACCP and the FDA.

Learn more about the benefits of blast chilling. Schedule some time for a brief consultation to see if blast chilling would be right in your operation.

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