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The Abbreviated Guide to Ventless Foodservice Equipment

By Pro-Pacific / Oct 19, 2018

The Abbreviated Guide to Ventless Commercial Cooking

Ventless cooking is gaining in popularity for a variety of reasons.

First of all, it's often the only option some operators have depending on space and the original construct of the building. Second, it can also be more affordable and more logical. For example, if an operator pays to build out an exhaust system, it's the owner of the building who enjoys the financial benefits of enhanced infrastructure. Lastly, a big reason ventless cooking is more popular is because ventless cooking equipment is more advanced.

Let's take an abbreviated look at some of the ventless foodservice equipment options available today.


Talk about the epitome of ventless cooking, the Alto-Shaam Vector is an award-winning unit that allows operators to cook in as many as four different chambers. Even better, it's all within a compact footprint that provides control for temperature, fan speed, and time in each chamber for simultaneous, dissimilar menu items.


Combitherm ovens from Alto-Shaam are another ventless option that provides unmatched performance, precisions, and quality. The all-in-one combi solution allows for greater versatility, all while staying ventless.


Cook and hold oven solutions provide precise, low-temp cooking that will provide high-quality proteins yielding higher amounts. Cook and hold is a great ventless option for overnight cooking that can free up time for staff without compromising on quality for guests.


If you're a high-volume grocery chain that offers discounted rotisserie chickens on Wednesday night, for example, you probably understand the impact of high demand and how equipment cannot sometimes handle that demand. Not with Alto-Shaam ventless rotisserie ovens. Cook chicken in half the time as traditional models, which can translate to 21 birds in 45 minutes.



When it comes to kitchen ventilation, everyone thinks about the cooking process, and dish machines often are forgotten. The truth, though, is many warewashing options require ventilation, too. Not dish machines from Champion. If duct-work exists and the ceilings are high enough, a ventless unit not might make the most sense. But if you would have to add ventilation and your ceilings aren't tall enough, a ventless dish machine from Champion can save you thousands of dollars annually by reducing water and energy costs.


Much more than a microwave, the Panasonic Sonic Steamer can provide great versatility in a small footprint. More than four times faster than traditional steamers, a 12-pound lasagne can be hit in 12 minutes. They're also easy to use. Just plug it in, and you're ready to go -- ventless.

Discover more about ventless foodservice equipment and some of the options that can make it accessible and affordable. Schedule some time to visit with Pro-Pacific today.Pro-Pacific Equipment Consultation

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