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A Quick Look at the Benefits of Champion's PRO Series Commercial Warewashing Systems

By Pro-Pacific / Apr 11, 2017

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Earlier this year at the NAFEM Show, Champion Industries unveiled a brand new series of commercial warewashers that provide easier control for foodservice operators. While the machines themselves are easy to use, the benefits of Champion's PRO Series require a little explanation. Let's take a quick look.

A New Way to Control Your Commercial Warewasher


Let's get right to it. The real innovation behind the Champion PRO Series are the controls. A top-mounted Prodigy series Human Machine Interface (HMI) makes it sound like these warewashing systems are from a sci-fi movie, but what it really means is operators get proactive maintenance software, programmable de-liming functionality, and accurate digital user information. This is all available on a touchscreen interface, making the PRO Series easy to operate and troubleshoot.

THE BENEFIT TO OPERATORS: Reduce operation times and unwanted frustrations that come from cumbersome controls.


The Champion PRO Series machines contain a featured called the PROgressive antijam drive system. This leads to the most consistent rack movement possible.

THE BENEFIT TO OPERATORS: Cut system jamming, preserve the quality of tabletop, and eliminate wasted time and frustrations that come from an inoperable machine.


With the Champion PRO Series, operators will only need 100 gallons of water to wash up to 209 racks per hour. Because of the PROportional rinse system, these units yield 100 percent final rinse water coverage.

THE BENEFIT TO OPERATORS: Save money on lower water bills.


Ventless Heat Recovery (VHR) is Champion's award winning technology. By operating on a cold water feed, VHR technology can reduce hot water expenses by up to $5,000 a year. This technology captures 100 percent of the operating exhaust heat and vapor and converts it into usable energy to heat the wash and fresh rinse water. The air placed into the dishroom by the heat pump is cooled to below 70ºF, and humidity is reduced by over 80 percent, eliminating the need for a vent hood saving over $7,500 on installation costs.

THE BENEFIT TO OPERATORS: Save money on lower energy bills and the need for a vent hood.

Learn more about the benefits of Ventless Heat Recovery Technology. Watch this informative animation on how it works and why your operation will benefit.

Ventless Rack Conveyor Commercial Dishwasher Video CTA

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