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A Quick Intro to Ventless Rack Conveyor Commercial Dishwashers

By Pro-Pacific / Jan 25, 2017

A Quick Intro to Ventless Rack Conveyor Commercial Dishwashers.png

Commercial dishwashing is an important aspect of any foodservice operation. Like the circulatory system in the human body, warewashing provides the vehicles by which everything moves throughout the operation, from the line to front-of-the-house to the romantic table in the corner and ultimately back to the dishwasher.

So if a commercial dishwashing program is so important to maintaining operational integrity, how can operations make commercial dishwashing programs more efficient?

Rack conveyors facilitate high volume dishwashing in facilities that have limited space. At the same time, they utilize all the latest technologies. That's why ventless rack conveyor commercial dishwashers are some of the most popular and energy efficient units available on the market.

Ventless rack conveyor commercial dishwashers are designed to capture and recycle hot air. First of all, that exhaust and vapor is converted into usable energy that can properly heat wash water and assist in heating fresh rinse water to the required temperatures.

Second, that exhaust energy and vapor is collected and converted so that any exhausted air is conditioned to 70ºF, thus eliminating any additional heat that is often associated with traditional conveyor systems.

Yes, that's right. There's a commercial dishwasher that recycles heat and vapor for use during the washing cycle. And any exhaust that isn't used during the washing cycle is then turned into conditioned air that will help create a more comfortable work space.

Learn more about the benefits of ventless rack conveyor commercial dishwashing equipment. Watch this informative animation on why your Pacific Northwest foodservice operation will benefit.

Ventless Rack Conveyor Commercial Dishwasher Video CTA

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