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Preserving High-Quality Micro-Purées – A Deep Dive of the Pacojet System

By Pro-Pacific / Mar 26, 2019

Pacojet Deep Dive 

A restaurant menu is much more than just a list of dishes on offer. It's a written commitment to the customer. The underlying deal is: if you sit down to eat at our restaurant, here's what you can find.

That’s why running out of ingredients and preparations during service is never a good thing. Having to tell customers, “Sorry, we don’t have that,” is a breach of the pact, especially if that particular dish convinced them to choose your business in the first place.

Chefs hate it, too, when this happens, as it's not always the result poor planning and preparation. Despite all predictions and analysis of historical turnout data, a typically quiet Tuesday can easily become one of the busiest services of the week.

For you as a chef, the solution can be more efficient sourcing, prepping more, and freezing some of these par-cooked ingredients, but that's easier said than done. Mise en place saves time but also takes time. And then there’s also thawing time to consider.

Introducing Pacojet

pacojet transparent logoWith Pacojet, you can prep large quantities of ingredients (what you plan to use plus an extra quantity for any eventuality), freeze them, and then process what you need when you need it -- no thawing required.

In its standard version, Pacojet works particularly well with sorbets, mousses, and ice creams. The typical sequence is: mix the main ingredient with a liquid in the beaker, freeze it, take it out at the last minute, attach it to Pacojet and "Pacotize."

Here is what makes Pacojet different from all other food mixers out there, and one of the most interesting pieces of foodservice equipment on the market:

Prep and freeze: the beaker. The mise en place starts by pouring the main ingredient and the liquid into the beaker and storing it in the freezer. You can use as many beakers as your kitchen needs.

Pacotize any quantity in seconds. Pacoject comes with pre-set programs to grind just the required quantity, even if it’s a single serving. This means you can fill the beaker to its full capacity, use just part of it, and put it back in the freezer without breaking the freezing chain.

A different type of blade. Pacojet can grind the contents of a full beaker in just seconds. What makes this possible is the unique concept of its grinding system. Unlike ordinary food mixers, where the blade is fixed at the bottom and uses gravity to process food, in Pacojet it moves through the food from top to bottom, just once, and only for the duration necessary to pacotize the desired quantity.

More than frozen preparations. Pacojet works with fresh food too, not just frozen. With the coupe set you can have four additional blades and use them to chunk, mince, puree, grind foam, or whip any type of food. The pass-through blade system won't heat the ingredients, preserving their original flavor.

Pacojet is easy to use and will take up very little space in the kitchen, but it will completely change the way you prepare food for the week ahead. You will save time and money, serve food quickly and your guests will never have to hear the dreaded "we've run out of that" ever again.

Learn more about Pacojet and practical applications of the Pacojet system. Check out our complete Pacojet resource page today.

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