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4 Keys to Merchandising Using a Foodservice Display Case

By Pro-Pacific / May 22, 2019

4 Keys to Merchandising Using a Foodservice Display Case

Great food should sell itself...right? Unfortunately, that is not always the case. There is a lot to consider when merchandising food and beverages, and it requires a lot of careful thought and execution in order to get results. As much as it would be nice, it is not as simple as throwing foods into a refrigerated case and watching the money roll into the register. Operators need to consider several aspects when it comes to merchandising in order to get the right results, here are just a few:

1) Visibility

It might seem obvious, but food needs to be visible in order to be really appreciated. And visibility encompasses a lot of different things including:

  • * Shelving
    * Lighting
    * How foods are arranged on those shelves
    * Display glass: this should ideally be angled in the right ways and not be clouded by condensation

Visibility is by far the biggest key because so much of our food culture is rooted in vision. The more tantalizing food looks, the more it tempts. Look at your current display and evaluate: Does this look appetizing? Would someone who is walking in for the first time be interested in buying this? What about putting it on Instagram? If you are not able to comfortably answer yes to these questions, it's time to revisit your current display case.

2) Seasonality

Food and seasons are inextricably connected, so why not capitalize on that? Displays can be enhanced with seasonal décor, so why not get creative? Create a calendar of which seasons you would like to celebrate and add reminders a few weeks before so you can prepare ahead of time. Making your displays festive and themed will not only make your food more appealing but also give it the visual boost it needs to attract customers, and "likes" and "shares."

3) Design

Ideally, your display case should fit with the overall aesthetic and interior design of the operation. You do not want it to look out of place, nor do you want to stand out in a negative way and detract potential customers. Think about the interior design of the operation and what would fit best. Display cases are another way to showcase creativity, so again, don't be afraid to think big. Display cases can be a source of attraction and interest for customers, so it is important to have something that fits with the rest of the restaurant and does not look out of place.

4) Storage conditions

Once you have evaluated for the previous points, the other element that comes into play is how the food is actually stored. No matter how much you decorate or upgrade display cases if the food itself does not look good, your progress will not last long. If you find that your food often looks unappealing, boring, or just generally not as healthy as it should, revisit your storage conditions. Maintaining the right temperature and humidity levels will impact how appealing foods look.

A Quick Summary: Federal Italian Glass

Having these elements in mind can help you see where your current foodservice display can be improved and the different considerations that operations must have in order to ensure their food is presented in the most optimum way. Though some aspects such as storage conditions may take some trial and error, having a strategy in place for your foodservice display is better than having none at all.

1026_FEDERAL_INDUSTRIES_1Part of that strategy, particularly as it relates to food storage conditions, revolves around the equipment you use to hold and show it. A refrigerated foodservice display case, particularly those designed using classic Italian styles, can help you implement these different factors.

Italian glass from Federal is an upscale design that's created to help operators attain maximum visibility while enhancing the overall interior design of the operation. From continuous line-ups to counter top settings that resemble jewelry cases, Federal has a full range of Italian glass options that will help just about any type of operation.

If you'd like even more guidance on how your foodservice display stacks up against theses option, why not schedule a free equipment consultation with us today to learn more easy ways to enhance your foodservice displays.

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