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2019 Introductions from the Homer Laughlin China Company

By Pro-Pacific / Jul 03, 2019

2109 Introductions from the Homer Laughlin China Company

New flavors come in many shapes and sizes in foodservice, and given that we first eat with our eyes, those flavors can often come in the form of dinnerware. The Homer Laughlin China Company certainly agrees here in 2019, as they've released a whole range of new dinnerware that runs the gamut of shapes, colors, and glazes.

As with the food that goes on the plate, the plates themselves can be part of overall foodservice trends, and with the following introductions from HLC, you'll see why.


We've already introduced you to HLC's Gala collection, but now there are some additional features to consider. Gala's patterns include Mia Gold and Mia Platinum, which include a single, elegant, metallic band around the outer rim of each piece. These are obviously perfect for a symbolic wedding service. English Ivy Grey accents the rim with a delicate vine and leaf pattern, while Gossamer Gray and Gossamer Pink feature an intricate lace pattern. No matter which Gala décor pattern you prefer, either will bring an air of elegance to any service.



Fiesta is one of the country's most popular and recognizable dinnerware collections, but that doesn't mean it has to stop growing and evolving. Named for the way dinnerware recalls the hue of a spring meadow, the new Fiesta Meadow color will add a balance between calm and bright to any tabletop. This stunning color can also be paired with other Fiesta colors to create a trendy mixed-and-matched look.



The hidden depths of the Quarry reveal a gentle mix of gray, olive, and blue -- and it all depends on the lighting. This is a bold yet understated collection because it draws the eyes in while still allowing the food to take center stage. With Quarry, the plate is truly a blank canvas, though that canvas may be seen as slightly more interesting than the basic whites and off-whites we often associate with a canvas. If you're looking to accentuate textures with rich colors, you can find it in the Quarry.



There's a new addition to the Fresco line, and it includes new mugs in the different hues and vibrant colors you've come to love in Fresco. Robin's Egg Blue, Goldenrod, Lemongrass, and the original Fresco hue can all work together on the tabletop to provide a mix of colors and textures that will add depth, dimension, and personality to any dining experience, much the way a brilliant fresco in Italy might inspire the senses. Now, you can enjoy them with your coffee.

fresco hues


Just as their names imply, Sepia and Pesto are two unique shadings from Hall China. We've offered these shades with the Homer Laughlin line, and now they're available from Hall China. These colors will bring a conventional tabletop to life as accompaniments, or they can serve as they focal of the tablescape themselves. Sepia and Pesto both compliment Homer Laughlin dinnerware available in the same color, but these bold offerings are also well-suited to stand on their own.


Request samples from these new Homer Laughlin China collections today, and see how they'll resonate on your tabletop.

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