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Introducing the Glassware for Every Type of Foodservice Operation

By Pro-Pacific / Jul 18, 2017

Introducing the Glassware for Every Type of Foodservice Operation.png

Glassware is an essential component to a complete tabletop presentation. The first thing guests order are drinks, right? So why shouldn’t exceptional glassware nail that first impression your foodservice or hospitality operation is trying to create.

Here at Pro-Pacific, we’re proud to provide foodservice solutions to the Pacific Northwest, and now that includes representing Hospitality Glass Brands, a provider of the most extensive range of glassware products and capabilities in the industry. Whether you operate a full service restaurant chain or a hospitality operation like a hotel, cruise line, or assisted living center, Hospitality Glass Brands’ glass tableware products can benefit all types of operations. But when it comes time to decide on glassware, how do you know what to look for?

[Watch the Glassware Strength Test Video from Hospitality Glass Brands.]

Here’s what to consider when selecting glassware for your foodservice or operation:


As we mentioned earlier, glassware can play a role in a guest’s first impression of your foodservice operation. If they order a glass of vintage Oregon Willamette pinot noir or a local Seattle craft beer, this is your chance to wow diners with quality glassware.

Studies show that glass shapes can affect the taste of wine and beer, so offering quality wine and beer glasses that maximize both flavor and aroma demonstrates your operation’s commitment to quality. The lead-free and ultra-clear crystal glassware from Hospitality Glass Brands is the cornerstone of high-quality tabletop.


At the end of the day, glassware must serve the needs and requirements of both the operators and the guests. Hospitality Glass Brands wide array of glassware products fit the need of nearly every type of foodservice or hospitality operation. With simple, elegant, and modern designs, these glassware products can adapt to all styles of restaurants, hotels, and food and beverage programs. From wine and beer to cocktails and coffee, Hospitality Glass Brands are an ideal match for any function.


Nothing brings a dining experience to halt quicker than the sound of a breaking glass. If not durable, glassware is more susceptible to breaking than any other foodservice product. With that in mind, shouldn’t durability be a top priority for your glass tableware? Hospitality Glass Brands offers products that undergo a special composition and manufacturing process that renders a high durability. 5,000 dishwasher cycles can’t be wrong.

Is your glassware tough enough for your hospitality or foodservice operation? See how glassware from Hospitality Glass Brands stands up to both impact and flexibility strength tests in this short video. Click below to get started.

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