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[Case Study] How a Globe Combo Grill Can Help Make the Perfect Panini

By Pro-Pacific / Sep 26, 2017

How a Globe Combo Grill Can Help Make the Perfect Panini.png 

Restaurants all across the country and all around the Pacific Northwest would love for new ways to expand menu offerings and grow sales. For an Ohio coffee shop called Warehouse 4, they did just that with countertop cooking.

Founded in 2013, Warehouse 4 began as a passion-driven, local coffee shop. Their popularity and growth allowed them to expand their food menu as a result of expanding their facility, but there was still a problem delivering quality.

With menu expansion came a demand for hot sandwiches, and the existing panini press in their facility couldn't properly heat their sandwiches and led to items that weren't cooked all the way through. Sometimes it would take nearly an hour to fully heat their press, and even then, it would only reach temperatures of 450º F.


When Warehouse 4 employees reached out to Globe for a possible solution, Globe installed a GPGS14D Deluxe Combo Grill, and the results are apparent.

Globe Deluxe Combo Grill Pro-Pacific.pngIn terms of the grill itself, reaching 450ºF happens almost twice as fast as the previous unit, and maximum Globe Deluxe Combo Grill temperatures reaches upwards of 570º. But it's what's inside the sandwiches that counts, and strings are attached.

Sandwiches are now delivered hot, cooked all the way through, with melted strings of cheese attached to each half of a sandwich when it is cut and pulled apart. Melted cheese makes customers happy from a flavor perspective, from superior texture, and from a visual standpoint. After all, we eat with our eyes first.


These benefits of the Globe Deluxe Combo Grill saves Warehouse 4 time and helps them increase profits by delivering a high-quality product that customers love and are happy to talk about with their friends. And they're more likely to become returning customers.

When you can make better sandwiches, quicker, the result is happier customers and a fuller cash register.

Learn more about countertop cooking solutions that can maximize the potential of your Pacific Northwest foodservice operation.

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