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Cook Anywhere with Countertop Cooking Equipment

By Pro-Pacific / Sep 13, 2017

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Each commercial kitchen in the Pacific Northwest has its own unique challenges when it comes to foodservice equipment. For some, space limitations play a big role in the equipment operators can use. For others, the cost for heavy-duty equipment is an important factor. Fortunately for foodservice operations, countertop cooking equipment can solve both of these issues.

Front-of-house or back-of-house, with countertop cooking, your commercial kitchen can be anywhere you want it to be.

[Download the Guide to Electronic Countertop Cooking from Globe]

Benefits of Countertop Cooking

Ideal for Small Spaces

Countertop cooking is a big advantage for small kitchens. Space is a precious commodity in foodservice. With countertop equipment, operators of small kitchens don’t have to limit themselves to just a few large pieces of cooking appliances that fit within a floor plan. Some operations like convenience stores, may want the output of a commercial kitchen but don’t have the space to do so. Cooking with countertop equipment can provide perfectly charbroiled burgers, grilled hot dogs, or freshly pressed-paninis without back-of-house facilities.

Menu Variety

With the ability to have more equipment without sacrificing lots of space, foodservice operations can expand or diversify their menu. Grow the number of appetizers or late-night snack options with a countertop fryer, or take advantage of the 24-hour breakfast trend with a countertop griddle. A variety of countertop cooking options can mean a more comprehensive menu.


Lightweight and portable, countertop cooking is a perfect way for restaurants or foodservice operations to adjust their menu, or their kitchens, on the fly. A sandwich grill that sees a heavy workload during the lunch rush, might not be used during dinner hours. Countertop appliances can be easily stored, making room for other equipment that experiences more use.


Countertop cooking equipment offers the power of heavy-duty equipment with the same, if not higher, efficiency. Electric cooking and warming is a quick yet powerful form of countertop equipment. Induction cooking, for example, is a fast, efficient, and consistent form of heating that can go toe-to-toe with a heavy-duty appliance. Gas charbroilers, griddles, and hot plates are designed for even heat distribution and make cleaning a breeze compared to heavier, bulky equipment.

Countertop Cooking Equipment from Globe

Powerful. Efficient. Compact. There’s more than one way to describe countertop cooking equipment from Globe, just as there’s more than one way to cook something. With Globe’s wide selection of countertop cooking solutions, it won’t take a bigger budget or a bigger kitchen to take advantage of the versatile equipment. Globe is already known for its precision design, craftsmanship, and materials. And now it comes in the form of compact, energy efficient, and economical cooking.

Whatever the operation: cafeteria, restaurant, or food truck, there’s a countertop cooking solution from Globe.

For a closer look at the countertop cooking essentials for Pacific Northwest commercial kitchens, download the Globe Electronic Countertop Cooking Guide.

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